How Aerial Drone Photography Services Can Revolutionise Property Advertising

    Property advertising has significantly changed in the digital age – forever. Today, it has never been easier for house hunters to gather significant information about properties they’re interested in. A simple online search of local or national estate agents and you’ll find a wealth of homes listed for sale in your price range.

    The online era does give house hunters a greater choice than ever before when searching for a new home, some property marketing strategies have been somewhat slower to evolve. We are, of course, talking about the way properties are marketed locally and nationally to prospective buyers.

    A quick online search and you’ll find that static text descriptions of homes, full of clichés and euphemisms and amplified statements dominate online property marketing. So abundant are they that potential buyers have grown wise – and, as such, their ability to be effectual is significantly diminished.

    So, how can you give your listings the edge? What can you do to imprint property listings on buyers? Use drone companies in Dubai to take immersive videos and photographs of listings you have for sale.

    Sky Vision offer top aerial drone photography services like in this video:

    The Advantages of Capturing Rea Estate Images Using Drone Photography

    Potential buyers want to see themselves in a property prior to purchase. Creating an immersive video or series images will do just that. Drone photography and videography for that matter will give your listing that competitive edge, something that is essential for high-end listings, or even for affordable prices in areas with steep competition.

    Dynamic images, or those that create an ambiance of luxury, will ‘sell’ the property to potential buyers and convince them that they must schedule a viewing. Think of it this way: our eyes have almost become conditioned to looking at property listings in a certain way. Give house hunters a new and better listing and you’ll surely grab their attention!

    Not only that, a sweeping swooping drone’s eye view of a property will enhance a sense of space and highlighting the unique selling points of the property effortlessly – something that is especially important for properties that have an expansive garden, exterior annexes or outbuildings.

    Perhaps most importantly, immersive property aerial drone photography in Dubai will capture a 360-degree view of the property and focus on specific elements of the property which is certain to appeal to buyers, allowing you to capture property features that traditional photography may miss.

    Private Property Sales and Drone Footage

    You may have noticed a growing trend of homeowners using alternative means of selling their homes. From marketing on social media to raffling their house in an auction, homeowners are increasingly using non-traditional methods when they sell their home.

    Why? Costly estate agent fees can be avoided, and homeowners can have complete ownership of the project. But, without significant experience, how do you market your home in a tantalizing way, sure to appeal to buyers? Search drone companies in Dubai and find one that can take breath-taking footage of your home.

    High-quality drone footage can be filmed easily, quickly and is much cheaper than hiring a helicopter to take aerial footage or images of your home. You can even upload the content to social media channels and appeal to a wide range of buyers from across the globe.

    All too often, private property sales marketing lacks the polish of estate agent marketing. Use a reputable drone company in Dubai and this certainly will not be the case. Drone photography adds an air of professionalism, authenticity, and sophistication to your property listings. This will appeal to buyers.

    Aerial Drone Photography Services

    How to Get the Right Footage

    To maximize the sale potential of your property, you’ll need to make the extra effort to get the marketing just right. Professionally produced real estate drone video using the latest unmanned aerial rigs is essential. This is exactly what you’ll get when you employ the services of an astute drone photography company in Dubai.

    Rigs equipped with a rig and cameras that can be remotely controlled and rotate around a gimbal give photographers and videographers a wealth of choice when composing aerial photography of properties. Despite being able to compose interesting shots, static cameras mounted on a drone do not afford the same degree of flexibility as remotely controlled rigs.

    Passing shots and videos of a property can be completed with ease. You can take shots of the approach of a property and then rotate the camera to capture the property as the drone fly’s past. This mirrors how we would look at a property and creates an immediate association in the minds of buyers – which is more like to help them remember property specifics and leave them with a clearer impression of whether the property is right for their needs.

    This is just one example. The truth is that drone companies in Dubai can create a wealth of engaging and immersive shots and footage that will thoroughly convince buyers of the individual merits of any property they are interested in. The more that buyers begin to see themselves in the property, and the easier you make it for them to achieve this, the better chance there is of the house being snapped up.

    The potential for drone companies in Dubai to completely revolutionize property marketing is clear. It’s easily understood when you consider this one simple fact: drone photography and videography is simply better, cheaper and affords more options than the alternatives.

    Environmental Services in Dubai Revolutionised by Drone Photography

    As was highlighted in late summer last year by a top official in the municipality of Dubai, drones are the latest tool to make sure environmental safety. A clear sign that drone services in Dubai are evolving – and becoming integral to a wide breadth of sectors, this acknowledgment reflects how far the technology has come in the last decade – and its potential to drastically improve commercial operation in the years to come.

    Originally employed in military application, the prevalence of drones in Dubai’s skies has soared in the last few years. Today commercial operations and keen civilian hobbyists fly drones, using their remote capabilities to gather data and swiftly and efficiently deploy goods in hard to reach areas.
    The environmental has used drones to great effect – and will continue to do so in the coming years. Let’s look at how drones have revolutionized the environmental sector.

    Effective Deployment of Drone Photography

    So, how are drones used in the environmental sector? Well, they have proven vastly effective in monitoring and controlling pollution emanating from industrial sites and other projects. The data they have gathered is used to enhance environmental protection opportunities. This has been clearly stated by the director of the environmental department, Alia Al Harmoudi.

    Clearly advocating for drone companies in and around Dubai to continue to play a prominent role the environmental services sector, Alia Al Harmoudi stated the advanced specifications and capabilities of Dubai drones save time and other resources when looking to obtain accurate information.

    With flight capabilities improving all the time, and the ability to equip drones with professional HD cameras capable of providing panoramic day and night-time video and images, drone companies in Dubai provide a vital service to a wealth of clients in the environmental services sector.

    Drone Photography Inspection Teams

    Effective monitoring of industrial sites is essential to safe and secure operations – and public confidence in the activities performed by a business. Inspection is paramount to ensuring that potential issues are identified and resolved. However, on occasion, inspection teams face a challenge readily identifying potential hazards, for example.

    Using drone services in Dubai to remotely view specific areas of an industrial site has grown exponentially over the last few years. The environmental sector in Dubai has borne witness to steady growth over the last few years, however, monitoring of sites using drones equipped with HD cameras has seen an even greater rise in popularity. There is a reduced need to use inspection teams to monitor very specific areas – drones can complete this. The impact this has had is easily quantifiable – and keeps workers safer.

    An Expansion of Aerial Services

    The success of using drones in Dubai within the environmental sector has led to an expansion of the services provided. Developmental projects, central cooling stations, and fuel supply stations are now remotely monitored, with fully trained and learned professionals using drones to gather data.

    Areas of focus have shifted, thanks largely to the capabilities of drones. Air control and compliance and meeting the highest standards of environmental safety, adhering to strict regulations, is now easily achievable. This includes the safety and storage of hazardous materials.

    One Specific Environmental Area Explored

    Cement manufacturing facilities have committed to installing air pollution monitoring stations. These are then linked to Dubai’s air quality database. This increases procedural reaction in the event of a facility violating environmental legislation by exceeding permissible environmental limits – with findings recorded through drone services in Dubai.

    Those industrial plants that generate large quantities of air pollutants and pungent odors, resulting from operational processes, have committed to installing pollution and odor control units to demonstrate that they operate within permitted environmental parameters.

    aerial photography UAE

    Safety Operations

    Another area within the environmental sector that benefits greatly from deploying drones is safety operations. Drone companies in Dubai have co-ordinated operations with leading security companies to deliver efficient monitoring of environmental sites.

    This is a process that will undoubtedly grow in the coming years – primarily due to its continued effectiveness. Leading proponents of the technology believe that security companies in the emirate should aim to adopt a unified mechanism for the import and storage of hazardous materials. It is hoped that this will enhance environmental safety operations, minimizing any risks.

    All warehouses that contain dangerous goods will be listed on a database. This is part of a strict control plan to make sure that goods are efficiently stored. Not only that, it will then be easy for inspectors to examine and conclude that all environmental parameters are met, thereby enabling businesses to confidently achieve permits – and operate within environmental parameters.

    With such widespread use of drones within the environmental sector already, it seems only logical that when examining the contents of such warehouses, drones will be deployed to make sure that all storage complies with recognized legislation.

    Drone services like Sky Vision in Dubai have already revolutionized the environmental sector. With such broad capabilities – and the ambition to create safer, more efficient work processes, it seems only logical to assume that the prevalence of drones in the environmental sector will only grow in the years to come.

    How Aerial Photography Has Changed the World – A History

    The undeniable aerial feats of photography that drones capture have completely revolutionized the way that we view the world. Immersing us in a world unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, images of sun-drenched sand dunes or urban metropolises from high above can be achieved through skilled piloting and an eye for composition and detail.

    However, you might be surprised to learn that the history of aerial photography Dubai – and across the globe – broadly dovetails the last century of human history more broadly than you may think.

    The First Recorded Aerial Photographs

    Not too long after commercial photography was first invented, aspirational amateurs began launching cameras into the sky using balloons, kites, and even rockets.

    The first successfully recorded aerial photograph was taken by Gaspar Felix Tournachon in 1858 from a hot air balloon which was tethered 262 feet over Petit-Clamart, just outside of Paris. In 1860 James Wallace Black used the same process to take capture Boston 2,000 feet in the air. This is the oldest surviving aerial photograph.

    Great Photographic Strides Forward

    Fast forward into the 20th Century and George Lawrence perfected a method of taking aerial panoramic photographs by affixing large-format cameras with curved plates to kites. The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco provided the setting for his most famous photograph.

    Using 17 kites to suspend a camera 2,000 feet in the air, George Lawrence used electric current for exposure which was carried through the insulated core of the steel cable. The moment the shutter snapped, a small parachute was released. At this signal the picture was taken, the kites pulled down and the camera reloaded. This process was to pave the way for the future – and eventually to cutting-edge services, such as drone shooting services in Dubai.

    The Wright Brothers Present an Opportunity

    Just a few short years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, piloted and powered aircraft was first employed for aerial photographic purposes.

    The first such image was captured by cinematographer L.P. Bonvillain in 1908. The image was captured from an airplane over Le Mans, France – and the aircraft was piloted by none other than Wilbur Wright.

    WW1 and WW2

    Shortly after this WWI commenced. Military commanders used the advent of this emerging technology to capture cutting-edge (for 1914) aerial imagery of battlefields. Cameras were mounted on aircraft, and the wartime practice of aerial reconnaissance. This allowed nations to discover enemy movements and strategize for the future – and is a practice that is still employed to this day, alongside hobbyist and commercial drone shooting services in Dubai – or more aptly – across the globe.

    During WW2 wartime aerial and video become commonplace in newspapers, magazine and movie theatre newsreels. Famed LIFE photographer Margaret Bourke-White became the first woman to fly with a US combat crew over enemy soil when she photographed the U.S. attacks on Tunis. Her images were printed in LIFE’s March 1st, 1943 issue.

    This conflict also served as the first time that the U.S. would experiment with rudimentary drone aircraft, like the TDR-1. Its purpose? To be an imaging platform.

    Into The 1980’s and 1990’s

    The drones that we’re all familiar with – and that provide such breath-taking aerial photography Dubai – and throughout the world – began to first appear in the 1980s. Although nowhere near as technologically advanced as even the most basic of drones are today, their arrival heralded a clear signal of what was to come and the dawning of drone technology.

    Israeli engineers were the first to develop what we think of as modern drones. They were equipped with a video camera and deployed to monitor persons of interest. The U.S. soon adopted the technology and a remote-controlled drone famously filmed Iraqi soldiers surrendering during the first Gulf War.

    Invented by Israeli aerospace engineer, Abraham Karem, The Predator drone soared in popularity during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Its ability to loiter over areas for extended periods of time meant the technology was highly effective in monitoring the daily routine of potential targets, taking pictures and images that provided vital intel to the armed forces.

    Throughout this period the U.S. also deployed smaller, hand-controlled drones, such as the RQ-Raven to assist soldiers in battle. Their purpose was to scout ahead and examine areas for potential threats prior to armed forces entering the area, recording data before transferring findings to a U.S. base of intelligence.

    history of aerial photography by Sky Vision

    The Dawning of the Modern Drone Photography Age

    Our modern drones and photography can be traced back as far as a few centuries, however, its true birth was in the early 2000s. It was at this time that the drone-builder culture really began to take flight. Online forums, such as DIY Drones helped hobbyists to build a community, share insights, opinions, and insights.

    Drone technology evolved rapidly. From autopilot capabilities to collision detection systems were just two drone advancements – making piloting and aerial photography accessible to both commercial businesses and keen hobbyists.

    Evolving beyond military application, today drones – and the images they can capture – are shaping the way we view the world. Comparatively cheap, compared to generations past, real estate brokers, construction businesses, and marketers drone photography see drone photography as a key part of their commercial activities. Hobbyists with an ambition to take to the skies similarly become excited at the prospect of flying their very own drones, sharing the experience with friends, and building a community.

    It’s clear that aerial photography and drones have come a long way in a short space of time. Anyone that knows anything about the technology must surely be excited for what the future will hold!

    The Best Drones for Aerial Mapping in Dubai

    Make no mistake, drones have become essential technology for aerial surveying. The scope of images and videos that they routinely deliver is breath-taking – and this can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial surveying.

    Today, aerial survey companies have a wealth of choice when deciding which drone is best suited to their aerial mapping purposes. Year on year precision engineering and hardware innovation bolsters and hones even the most precise nuances of design and operational functionality, leaving commercial drone customers a head scratching amount of choice.

    So rather than analyse which is the best overall drone; one that will deliver accurately map an area, deliver parcels, film HD panoramic aerial video in jaw-dropping detail or inspect building constructions a hundred floors above ground level, let’s take a single purpose, aerial mapping, and review the best drones in 2021.

    Top Drones for Aerial Mapping in Dubai 2021

    DJI Matrice 300 RTK

    When it comes to drones, DJI stands tall as the brand with a reputation to be envied. Each model consistently delivers on its promises, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

    Featuring innovative obstacle avoidance and aerial awareness tools, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK is one of the safest drones for aerial mapping in Dubai. Included with the drone is RTK GPS capability, in addition to Airsense ADS-B tech and several smart tools which guarantee sublime accuracy and safety, making the DJI Matrice 300 RTK perfect for aerial mapping.

    Moreover, the new Ocusync Enterprise gives this drone a range of up to 15km, or almost 10 miles – more than enough for you to survey landscapes remotely with ease! Better still, the DJI Matrice RTK provides triple channel 1080p video transmission, has 23 x zoom, a 12 MP wide angle camera and a laser range finder with the new Zenmuse H20 payload. Now, that’s what we’re talking about!

    DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

    If you’re looking for a more affordable drone with the capabilities of delivering pinpoint accurate Dubai aerial mapping, then the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise could be just the drone you’re looking for.

    Though it may use the same platform as the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise adds mounting points for accessories. Adding a spotlight, beacon, speaker, or smart controller is easy, allowing aerial survey companies to customise the drone to their precise needs.

    The ‘scalability’ of the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise has already attracted many aerial surveyors to buy the drone. And with a basic price of $1999 compared to the $6,500 of the DJI Matrice 300 RTK it’s not hard to see why!

    Yuneec H520

    Although it’s hailed as a commercial drone for many applications, where the Yuneec H20 really excels is aerial mapping. Designed for professional use, this six-rotor drone offers three cameras that can be swapped for optimal aerial mapping in Dubai.

    The Yuneec H520 is great for surveying. Why? Well, we can list numerous reasons, but how about this, you can download location maps and store them on the controller itself. You don’t need to worry about having an Internet signal!

    aerial mapping Dubai

    So, let’s say that you’re surveying a location for the first time, isn’t it so much easier to familiarise yourself with the landscape ahead of time? With the Yuneec H20 all you need to do is to the plan menu and select survey mode. A grid of white lines (the flight paths) and a green overlay will then appear across the area you’re surveying. Choosing how you’ll navigate the area is as easy as A, B, C!
    Better still, you can adjust your flight path whilst surveying the area by sliding white dots on the overlay and hey presto! New flight paths. Once you’ve plotted your flight paths, they can be programmed into the Yuneec H520 so if you choose to return to take another survey, replicating the previous paths you took is a cinch. Not bad for $2,500!

    Parrot Anafi

    One of the best entries in the consumer drone market, the Parrot Anafi is lauded as being superb for aerial mapping in Dubai. And, it costs just $699!

    With an articulating gimbal, the 21 MP 4K camera can capture images vertically, pointing straight down and focusing on a specific area. This function alone makes it easy for aerial survey companies to capture image angles that some other drones would struggle to.

    Anything else? Of course, the Parrot Anafi has several attributes that makes it great for surveying. But rather than list each attribute individually, let us just mention one that’s sure to pique consumer’s interest: artificial intelligence. The Parrott Anafi can automate flight modes, making repeated aerial mapping much simpler.

    Finally, the Parrot Anafi has an ultra-compact foldable design. Why does benefit aerial mapping? Well, what if you want to survey an area of Dubai that requires some travel? Isn’t folding your drone into a small package much easier than lugging heavy, awkward designs around?

    The Best Drone for Dubai Aerial Mapping

    So, which is the best drone for aerial mapping? It’s really a question of personal preference, what your budget is and the areas you intend to survey. Many consumers are attracted to DJI for their reputation, but an equal number of consumers want a drone that meets their needs and aren’t overly bothered by the prestige of a brand name.

    Then there’s the accessories. Obstacle avoidance and aerial awareness 4K cameras, programmable functions and, of course, price must all be considered before deciding the best aerial survey drone.

    Bottom line? Consumers have choice, which is great! Take some time to figure out exactly what you want from your drone and you’ll likely find the right one for whatever type of aerial mapping you need.

    And the Best Company for Aerial Mapping in Dubai? Probably us, Sky Vision.

    Why Drone Film Production is Booming

    The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic after the virus spread to more than 100 countries on six continents. No illness in this generation has ever had such a catastrophic effect on the routine of our daily lives.

    What’s more, in the spring of 2020, Harvard researchers released a report that social distancing may be set to continue until 2022 in some countries. The UAE took the pandemic very seriously, with social distancing set at two metres – double the standard recommended by the WHO. And with a mortality rate that’s many times lower than the UK and Spain, it’s clear that such preventative measures worked.

    But what does social distancing, and the pandemic in general, mean for businesses? Well, many businesses have had to adopt new procedures and strategies to continue operating during COVID-19. Almost every sector has been hit. This includes film production.

    Why Film Production Has Been Affected By COVID-19

    You don’t have to be a scientific genius to see that film production is one sector that will struggle during the outbreak of a pandemic. Different people get together and work in close proximity to create sales marketing or a piece of art that captures the interest of the public.

    One film or TV set will have actors, a director, an assistant director, production manager, camera person, art director, gaffer, screenwriter… the list goes on – and the bigger the production, the more people they’ll likely be on set.

    With such a wide pool of people, is it any surprise that film and TV productions have been halted or shelved indefinitely? After all, you’re not going to find the most experienced, learned, or talented people living in the same house, are you?

    But what about marketing videos? Well, as with film production, marketing videos tend to require the expertise of a wealth of different people. Sure, drone filming companies in Dubai can capture sublime video, but then you need story boarders, studio access, editors, maybe animators… again, the list goes on.
    But wait. Hang on a second. Using drones to capture film doesn’t require a crew, chartering a small aircraft or helicopter or an astronomical financial outlay. It requires a drone operator and video editors who can work remotely. Does that mean that I can use a drone filming company in UAE to film essential video – yes. Provided they are offering their service in lockdown!

    How Drones Are Being Used in Quarantine

    You could argue that there’s never been a better time for drones to emerge from the clouds and make all our lives easier. Need a delivery? Many companies are working with skeleton staff. Cue the ability for drones to deliver packages to people across the UAE – or the world.

    According to reports in the New York Times, New Yorkers have been introduced to the ‘Anti-COVID Volunteer Drone Task Force.’ Their purpose? To scan the streets below and encourage people to maintain their social distance whilst promoting positive messages of ‘please help stop the spread of this virus’ and ‘reduce the death toll and help save lives.’

    In China, drones have been used to reinforce restrictions – albeit in a fun way. Hovering above, drones have been known to say, ‘this drone is speaking to you, sir’ and ‘you shouldn’t walk about without wearing a mask.’ Not a bad way to enforce restrictions, but better still, China has been using drones to scan for fevers of people below!

    Then there’s Rwanda where drones are being used to deliver medical supplies to hospitals. At a time when any shortage of medical supplies could be catastrophic, drones have come to the rescue of people suffering myriad of illnesses.

    But what about film production? Well, the world may just be steadily picking up momentum after being ground to a halt for the last three months, but drone filming has remained a fixture even during COVID-19. Why? Well, let’s look at why drone film production is booming.

    drone filming in Dubai at night

    Drone Film Production in Dubai

    Arguably, the key to understanding the benefit of drone filming during a pandemic can be encapsulated by a single word: remote. Anyone can film picturesque land or cityscapes in HD 4K with their drone – at up to 10 miles away, far from the epicentre of the outbreak and, more importantly, without a camera crew.

    The best drones are, it would seem, custom-built for film production during a pandemic. All operators need to do is to set a flight path to get to and survey a location and fly their drone there. Droning in Dubai in 2021 is as popular as ever and the trend is probably only going to continue upwards.

    There’s no need for hiring an expensive helicopter or small aircraft and camera crew just to capture the exquisite sand dunes of Dubai’s deserts or marvel at the neon marvel of cityscapes. Just commission one of the drone filming companies in Dubai, like Sky Vision, and you can be assured of awe-inspiring results.

    Then there’s cost. With the global economy falling by 20% during the pandemic, many businesses would be forgiven for tightening their belts. But what if you need videos that don’t just pique attention but demand it? Are you going to hire a helicopter for the film production? Unlikely. Highly unlikely.

    Hiring a small aircraft is expensive. Awfully expensive, even in times of economic boom or when a business has notable retained profit and therefore a healthy budget to film a corporate video. Hiring a drone filming company in UAE will save you money – and help you to create stellar marketing material.

    The same goes for film and TV production. Those inspiring overhead shots of a landscape; one’s where viewer can immerse themselves in the story can be achieved with a drone. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that of all the Hollywood movies you watch with such shots, most, if not all, are achieved with drones and all films and TV shows have a budget, right?

    Lastly, one of most impactful and therefore sought-after ways of filming is the 360-degree panoramic shot, especially in movies, TV, and adverts. Why? It’s how you show the audience scope.

    In times passed getting this type of shot was difficult for drones and required cameras with expensive rotating rigs. Not any longer. Most good drones today are equipped with a gimbal that allows users to take 360-degree, panoramic shots, and videos with ease. This vastly improves production value of any movie, TV show or even video advertisement, adding much needed perspective and context. Best of all, these shots can be captured by anyone with a good working knowledge of drone videography, adding something that cannot be underestimated to all videos – value.

    In the end, who knows how long restrictions will last? It could be another month or two, or it could be 18 months – 2 years as the WHO has said. What we do know is that humans are adaptable. We can create technology to solve problems. Drone videography is an example of this… as are all the other ways that drones have been used during quarantine to help people.

    Let’s kickstart the global economy and not let the virus hold back our ambitions. Regardless of the nature of why you may need to hire a drone filming company in Dubai, don’t delay! Let’s resume film and TV production. Let’s create inspiring commercial videos. Let’s get back to normal.

    Essential Advice for Novice Commercial Drone Operators in UAE

    There’s a big difference between a commercial drone operator like Sky Vision and someone with a DJI Mavic Mini who’s just tooling around in the garden. It’s like watching a match between Roger Federer and a member of your local tennis club. There’s a Grand Canyon sized gulf in expertise.

    Today, there are more drone pilots operating across the UAE than ever before. What was once seen as a hobby has now become a viable career path, and it’s not hard to see why. Demand is increasing all the time, and with entry level salaries starting at 125,000 Dirhams per year and senior pilots able to take home 220,000 Dirhams plus a bonus every year, it’s not hard to see why.

    Are you a drone pilot with twenty hours of flying experience under your belt and want to see your career take off? If so, keep reading to learn our essential advice. First up is the most important factor.

    Professional Drone Operators in Dubai Get their Drone’s Serviced

    You need to make sure that your drone is always in tip-top condition; you need to service it regularly. Think about it this way, what if you have a hardware problem and you don’t even know it? You could lose control of the drone mid-flight and crash to the ground!

    There are some amazing buildings in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. There have been multiple occasions when unprofessional drone operators have crashed into even the most famous of buildings. There is no quicker way to lose your licence than to have a mechanical failure cause an incident.

    There’s a plethora of ways that you can get your drone serviced, but the best way to do it is to take it to a professional drone servicing company, equipped to perform comprehensive servicing. This ensures that you get the right certification.

    Why would you choose a dubious drone servicing company? You could end up coming back in a week or month with the same problem? Don’t cut corners when it comes to drone safety in Dubai.

    How to Be Professional Drone Operators in the UAE

    Buy a Spare Drone

    Now, here us out. You’ve got one drone, why would you buy another? Well, if you can it’s important for professional drone pilots to have a back-up in the same way that it’s important for remote workers to have a spare laptop.

    What would happen if you had a booking, let’s say your dream job, and you arrive only to find that your ever reliable DJI just isn’t working? Well, for starters, you can kiss goodbye to being paid. Also, if you’re forced to cancel a job on short notice it doesn’t look good. Would anyone hire a drone pilot in UAE and Dubai with a reputation for cancelling jobs?

    The DJI Mavic 2 Zoom or Parrot Anafi are often considered good back-up drones if you don’t want to break the bank. If money’s no object, you could have a DJI Inspire 2 or, if you really want to splash out, you could choose to buy two of the DJI Matrice 210 drones.

    Learn Video Editing Software

    Now here us out, you don’t need to turn yourself into a video editing whizz overnight, but if you’re one of those drone operators in UAE that wants to create stellar videos for clients, understanding how to use video editing software is a must.

    You can always present clients with raw footage, but wouldn’t it be much better to shoot and edit a video yourself and then present it to your client?

    Thankfully, there’s a handful of software programs that are intuitive and easy to master with a little practice. If you’re stuck, you can always visit where you’ll find classes that teach your everything you need to know about video editing.

    Better still, there are drone apps, like DJI GO that have basic editing software that you can use on the go. Want a tip from us? Don’t just shoot aerial footage, capture ground images too! This will give all your videos an interesting dynamic.

    Carry Spare Parts

    All drone pilots have accidents, whether you’ve less than ten hours flying experience under your belt or have spent hundreds of hours flying your drone in the sky. Accidents can cause damage to the propeller, gimbal, camera or just about any part of your drone, so it makes sense to carry spare parts, right?

    Remember too, you won’t be able to soar in the skies for more than five or ten minutes without sufficiently charged and spare batteries. Even top of the range drones have limited flight times and entry level drone batteries only last between 20-30 minutes. What if you’re intending to fly in the sky for hours at a time? Well, you need to bring spare batteries for your planned flight time.

    Also, don’t forget to carry any tools that you may need to do any repairs. On any given flight, you could have a collision and you don’t want to cancel the flight and go home just because you don’t have the tools needed to make a few adjustments and get back in the sky!

    Practice, Practice, Practice

    Now, if you’re thinking of flying a drone professionally, the odds are that you’re quite good compared to most drone operators in Dubai. But there’s a difference between being proficient and being an expert. And, if you want to get the good flying gigs, you must be an expert.

    Like anything else, the only way to become an expert drone pilot is to practice, practice, practice. This means getting out there any flying as often as possible. Challenge yourself, always seek to hone your techniques, be bold.

    If you’re intent on becoming the best drone pilot that you can be, you can use a drone simulator like DJI GO to hone your skills in intelligent flight mode. Remember, even Tiger Woods, arguably, the best golfer who’s ever lived, has worked with a coach throughout his entire career to be the best that he can be!

    Advice to Follow to Become Great Drone Operators in UAE

    The bottom line is that there are a handful things that not just novice drone operators can do to elevate their expertise. If you take the attitude that you’re always looking to hone your craft, you’ll have the right attitude, and will hopefully evolve into one of the best drone pilots around.

    Interesting in learning more about why Sky Vision is the go-to drone business in Dubai and across the UAE? Contact us today!

    How Drone Companies in the UAE are Changing the Commercial Landscape

    In July 2020, Dubai issued a new law under the directive of Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum which it says will reduce risk and help further cement the UAE’s position as a world-leader in drone activity and innovation. Innovation and Vision in the UAE  is also being highlighted for 2021.

    Already a hub of drone manufacturing, smart transportation and innovation, the drone industry in the UAE is set to continue to soar as the decade unfolds. The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) will continue to oversee the new initiative which will monitor and control all drone activity in their designated airspace, implementing evolving safety measures.

    Better measures will be put in place to manage the loss of drones and the DCAA, in coordination with the Dubai Police, will allow government agencies to use continue to use drones for enhanced security, surveillance, rescue and firefighting, in addition to other applications that are in the public interest.

    What does this mean? Drone companies in the UAE are viewed as vital to the technological infrastructure of the city-state, and indeed the whole of the UAE.

    Continue reading below to learn how drones are changing the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us in the UAE.

    The Rise and Rise of eCommerce in the UAE

    Anyone using the Internet can see that ecommerce has blossomed over the last decade. Amazon has proven that there is a massive global appetite for shipping online. It’s believed that the company will be worth more than a $1 trillion in just five short years and, at the end of August 2020, founder Jeff Bezos was the first person in history to have a net worth of over $200 billion.

    Somewhat fuelling our unquenchable desire for online shopping is the current Covid-19 crisis. In the midst of global lockdowns and social distancing, people have become more reliant than ever on the Internet to buy essentials.

    It seems that the days of bricks and mortar shopping are over. Companies have changed their business model completely, with many now operating exclusively online. What does this mean? Couriers and retail outlets have been placed under additional strain to deliver products to customers. Fortunately, there is a solution.

    Drone Deliveries in the UAE

    Dubai is spearheading a new attitude to delivery and couriering services. Amazon Prime Air has will potentially challenge the status quo, proving that a drone service in the UAE doesn’t have to be limited to monitoring or videography.

    Given the mounting strain on couriers and that it’s unlikely that we’re going to get back to how things were prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, it seems logical for drones to become increasingly important to couriering in the months and years to come.

    Amazon Prime Air may well be the future. With the promise to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less, the service will greatly appeal to consumers, not only in the UAE but, across the globe, something that’s both efficient and environmentally friendly.

    The only drawback that can be envisioned is the payload weight. However, drones can already transport light packages over short distances and who’s to say that as the technology evolves in the coming years drones won’t be relied up to carry heavier and heavier payloads over greater and greater distances.

    The UAE’s commitment to drone safety shows that it is planned for wholesale adoption of the technology and that they are committed to making sure that it has the right infrastructure in place. And deliveries are at the forefront of this.

    Drone Companies in the UAE

    Drones-as-Service in the UAE

    As with any new commercial innovation, business models can be disrupted. However, drones allow for a welcomed degree of flexibility to end-users, promoting businesses to make important operational decisions.

    For many drone companies, the drone-as-a-service business model is an efficient and cost-effective means of bridging the gap between commercial drone manufacturers and the business wishing to use drones to improve the commercial offering.

    The benefit of using drone-as-a-service is that companies can save tremendously on the cost of adopting drone technology to streamline processes. Sectors as diverse as agriculture and construction, security or marketing can benefit greatly from using drone companies in the UAE to monitor environments safely or even capture stunning images or video for use in marketing materials.

    Sky Vision offers businesses an opportunity to creating lasting impressions on their clients with immersive videos, even monitor vital agriculture and construction across all projects. After all, using drones is much safer than having someone physically inspect a location or environment, isn’t it?

    Drone Training

    As with any new technology, the emphasis on training and education cannot be forgotten. After all, no one can pick up a touchscreen controller for the first time, take off and a fly a drone perfectly. Pilots need to be educated.

    There is great opportunity for a drone company in the UAE, and indeed around the globe, to offer a service by teaching drone pilots how to fly drones in-line with all regulations. Given the Dubai government’s increased emphasis on cultivating a drone-friendly landscape, and that there have been drone airport incursions at Dubai International Airport, and airports across the globe, commercial training services have never been more pressing or necessary.

    Why is this important? Well, it’s further evidence that the drone sector will create job opportunities for people, not just in the UAE but, across the world.

    Drones and the UAE Commercial Landscape

    A drone company in the UAE, or indeed anywhere in the world, has the potential to completely change the commercial landscape. With technology and applications evolving all the time and our reliance on the technology likely to increase, the commercial future of drones looks bright.

    Interested in learning more about drones-as-a-service or what Sky Vision can offer you, get in touch with us today!

    Drone Company in Oman

    Sky Vision: Why You Should Choose Our Drone Company in Oman to Promote Your Business

    Choosing the right medium to market who you are and what you’re all about can be challenging – after all, in today’s interconnected, digital world, choice is abundant.

    So, let us ask you a question: what was the last thing you saw or heard that really made you sit up and take notice? Was it an article about what’s happening in the world? Was it a social media post that concisely summed up everything you were feeling in that moment? Perhaps it was an image that really made you think.

    Now let’s look at this from a marketing perspective. To influence people what you choose to put out there MUST strike a chord with your audience. It must attract attention and communicate everything you need it to – hopefully in just a few seconds. It must add value.

    So, in world saturated with content how do you get the edge over your competitors? The answer is simple. With dynamic, creative content that answers all the questions that your potential customers may have.

    There’s one digital marketing medium that does this better than any other: video marketing. Here are the reasons why you choose video marketing to promote your business in Oman and why Sky Vision is the only business to choose.

    Sky Vision: A Superior Drone Service in Oman, Dubai and Across the UAE

    Reputation matters significantly for any business relationship. Confidence, trust, courtesy, and hospitality are key virtues that should be promoted, not just in Oman and the UAE, but across the world. These virtues are something that Sky Vision doesn’t just aspire to promote; we embody.

    But let’s get down to the nitty gritty. After all, courtesy and hospitality are important, but if you’re going to ask a business to deliver a service, you need to make sure that they can!

    Sky Vision can offer aerial filming in Oman, Dubai and throughout the whole of the UAE that’s, quite simply, better than our competitors. How can we make such a bold claim, you may ask? Well, we’re confident that our commitment to creativity, passion, technical acumen, and experience puts us in a strong position to deliver a service that soars above our competitors.

    Want proof of our claim? You only need to consider who we’ve worked with. From Emirates and Jumeriah to the BBC and NBC Universal, even Ferrari World, Porsche and Mercedes, the calibre of our clients speaks for itself.

    Think of it this way, would such renowned global brands don’t just pick any business to partner with? They look for a business that can complement their high expectations – and the high expectations of their customers. In short, excellence. This perfectly mirrors Sky Vision’s own ethos.

    We Use DJI Innovations Drones for all Our Photography and Aerial Filming in Oman

    The largest – and best – drone company in the world, DJI Innovations, is worth an astonishing $8 billion dollars. To put that into perspective, Fitbit, arguably the world’s most prominent fitness tracker, is in the middle of being sold to Alphabet (Google’s parent company) for $2.1 billion.

    If nothing else, this astonishing statistic demonstrates the explosion in popularity of drone aerial photography in Oman, across the UAE and throughout the world, not to mention just how vital drones are for aerial mapping, surveying and much, much more.

    Then consider this statistic for a minute: 95% of companies that use video marketing have maintained or increased their investment in 2020. That’s tells you everything that you need to know about how effective video marketing is.

    Should we really be surprised? No. Not really. Drones are quickly becoming a staple in skies around the world and with their endless potential, from delivering goods to helping police forces provide a better level of service to the public, it’s not unrealistic to say that if you look to the skies in the years to come, you’ll likely see drones everywhere.

    Sky Vision uses only cutting-edge technology to capture sublime 4K HD videos and images. Our drone pilots have years of experience piloting DJI drones, capturing images and videos that promote brands story and provide potential and existing customers with something that they’ve never seen before.

    Photography and Aerial Filming in Oman, Dubai and Across the UAE that Breaks the Mould

    How often have you watched a marketing video and felt a little, well meh towards it? All the time? Occasionally? Never? Well, here’s the truth… marketing videos are often a little stale or uninspired – something that’s quite shocking when you think of the hours of conceptualising businesses have spent in a boardroom!

    How often have you seen an image, maybe even aerial photography in Oman that’s left you wondering what you’re looking at or why has this shot been chosen? All the time? Occasionally? Never? Well, here’s truth number two… it takes a significant amount of prowess to tell a thousand words with a single image. Luckily, this is exactly what Sky Vision can do.

    Our expert drone pilots and can storyboard, shoot, and edit drone videos that showcase exactly what you need, even if you haven’t thought about it before! We’re experts in reaching, communicating, and influencing people with film and imagery and this is exactly what businesses need – the ability to reach and inspire people!

    Anything else? Yes. We can complete aerial surveys in glorious 4K HD, you can expect the crispest imagery and videos, adding depth and context that you just cannot beat. The benefits? Well, let’s take the example of a construction site. Our aerial filming in Oman – or imagery – means that site managers can view inaccessible areas and make quick and informed decisions.

    We’re also one of the few drone operators in the UAE to be fully professionally licensed. Our pilot’s have the experience and expertise to take to the skies and capture precisely what you want, setting a new benchmark for what was previously thought possible with a drone.

    drone company Oman
    the best aerial and drone photography and filming company Oman

    What You Should Remember About Our Drone Company in Oman

    We’re not just a Dubai-based company. Our success has seen us flourish and expand our client portfolio to Oman and across the UAE. This can only be achieved through continued success.

    If you’re looking for a drone company to showcase who you are and what you’re all about there’s only one option – Sky Vision.

    Aerial Photography Companies: Should I Choose Helicopters or Drones?

    It’s the question that every aerial cinematographer and photographer will have to answer: do I choose helicopters or drones to shoot or video or capture images?

    So, the obvious answer is, it depends. Budget, time, and expertise all play a major role in deciding whether to hire a helicopter or get in touch with one of the UAE’s aerial photography companies, like Sky Vision. But, for this blog, we don’t want to just go with the standard answers. Yes, drone companies will be cheaper. No, helicopters are limited to flying in smaller spaces. But, is all this generic information that useful?

    What we want to do is to look at what you can and cannot capture both using a helicopter and a drone and the pros and cons of each. We’ll be both honest and objective – and hopefully when you’ve finished reading the blog, you’ll have a clear idea of which is better for you.

    Drone Film Production: Low Light Accessibility and Performance

    You might want to capture a video of a sublime, illuminated cityscape at dusk. At first glance you might be thinking, ‘okay, that’s obviously a helicopter.’ You sure about that assumption? Let’s examine it.

    Now, of course, helicopters have been used for years to capture land and cityscapes. But here’s something you may not know; pilots need to have a separate licence to fly in the evening. This might put the brakes on finding the right aerial photo or videographer.

    Then there’s the performance of helicopter and drone image and video capture in the evening. Helicopters have in the distant past held superiority over drones when taking to the skies and capturing breath-taking images. However, the days of helicopters reigning supreme are numbered – if not already over. Today, drones are equipped with cutting-edge cameras which are more than capable or matching any images or video a helicopters camera rig can.

    Oh, and what about the noise? Helicopters are noisy. What about any video you’re shooting? Do you really want to spend much time and money removing unwanted and loud rotating sound from your helicopter shoot? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to choose drone video services, like Sky Vision, who can remove intrusive and distracting sound, and even a soundtrack giving you a perfect video?

    Drone Video Services: When You Can Fly to and From

    If you’ve got a clear idea of the land or cityscape that you want to capture, great! Can you get there with a helicopter easily?

    You’d be surprised just how often how getting to a location to shoot is an afterthought. Helicopters can’t just take off and land anywhere! It’s one thing finding a stellar environment to capture on film or as an image, but if you can’t get there, you can’t capture it! This is probably why you don’t see too many helicopters taking off and landing in the desert!

    Before even taking to the skies, you must get approval from the GCAA. There are awfully specific no-fly zones for drones, the most obvious of which is that drones are forbidden to fly near, around or over airport airspace. Drone incursion have caused many problems for Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Centre. If you want to fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport, you need to get clearance.

    Federal and municipal authorities (DCAA) also forbid pilots from flying drones over residential areas to protect people’s privacy. So, let’s say that you want to take an aerial survey of your neighbour for the completely innocent reason of curiosity, you won’t be able to.

    Knowledgeable aerial photography companies – like Sky Vision – will be able to tell you where you can fly to and from but, like anything else, it doesn’t hurt to know as much as possible before booking an excursion!

    aerial cinematography dubai
    best aerial photography company in Dubai: Sky Vision

    Drone Photography Prices: Repeated Shoots

    Okay, let’s get real for a second. How often do you get exactly what you want first time? Hardly ever, right? That’s the nature of trial and error. Well, although we said that we wouldn’t discuss obvious points like budget in this blog, but we’d like to add a caveat to that by asking a question.

    What if you’ve paid a fair expense to hire a helicopter and ‘professional’ photographer only to be left disappointed by the images or videos they capture? It can and will happen and there are many reasons why. Poor weather is one. Inaccessibility to spaces to capture the aerial video or image you want is another. The unfortunate luck of getting a pilot or photographer who isn’t quite as good as they say is a third. The list could go on and on.

    As everyone knows, hiring a helicopter is expensive – much more expensive than hiring a drone. If you have a healthy budget that’s fine, but what if there’s a limit to how much you can spend? You could end up being drastically disappointed with the images, or video captured with a helicopter and then decide to find out what drone photography prices are. In effect, you’ve just wasted a fair chunk of change.

    Then there’s repeated shoots. The great thing about drone photography for anyone with a healthy budget is that you can take to the skies again and again from a fraction of the cost of choosing helicopter aerial photography. You don’t have to just be satisfied with the images or video you get; you can be astounded with what can only be captured after repeated shoots.

    So, there you have it. An honest account of some of the lesser known reasons to hire helicopter or drone video services. The choice really is up to you. Think about all the considerations before deciding. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the best aerial cinematography company in Dubai Sky Vision today.

    Why Dubai Corporate Video Production Needs Drones

    If a picture tells a thousand words, surely a video should tell ten thousand words – at least. Successful corporate video production must feature engaging visuals that say exactly what’s needed about a business of service, combined with a soundtrack the complements the video, without overpowering it.

    As one of the leading corporate video production companies in Dubai, Sky Vision knows how to create videos that draw viewers in, immersing them in a video experience, then selling the business to a target demographic with ease.

    This is our strength. But how do we achieve this? What makes our videos so engrossing? We use advanced drone technology, and our pilots have the expertise to create a video that tells more than a thousand words leaving an audience in little doubt that they’ve just watched something that oozes sophistication and, most importantly, value.

    Corporate video production must utilise drone technology. It’s that simple. Our video production company in Dubai has honed expertise flying drones across the Dubai desert and cosmopolitan skyline to create breath-taking videos and pictures.

    Why your business needs to employ Sky Vision’s video production company in Dubai:

    Freedom of Flying Locations

    Perhaps the most notable reason why your business needs to opt for drone filming in Dubai is that, unlike helicopters and light aircraft, the size and manoeuvrability of drones makes it easy to take video and photographs in those hard to reach places.

    Low-level flying is renowned for helping videographers and photographer capture jaw-dropping, inspirational videos and photographs. This is something that you just cannot achieve in a light aircraft. Any ‘No-Fly’ zones are in the interest of public safety and are greater reduced in comparison to light aircrafts.

    Not only that, a drone video production company in Dubai will cost considerably less than hiring a helicopter or light aircraft to capture those videos and images you’re intent on. Fuel is expensive – and the primary consideration when pilots calculate a quotation to take you to the skies. You can save thousands of Dirhams when choosing commercial drone photography as opposed to hiring the services of a pilot and his aircraft.

    Shot Diversity and Flexibility

    Getting the right height and angle for your shoot or image does take practice. A pilot skilled in commercial drone photography and videography will be able to fly a drone, equipped with a 4K camera, to the exact spot you need to capture that glorious video or image.

    Corporate video production companies in Dubai, like Sky Vision, are highly skilled, with an eye for meaningful shots and the skills to get them. Pilots also have the expertise to return the drone to a previous location and re-shoot elements of the video seamlessly.

    By adjusting the elevated pole masts, using flexible camera positioning, whilst watching the FPV (first person view) display, it’s easy to re-capture the magic the second time. Helicopters and light aircraft make it exceedingly difficult to complete re-shoots that can be easily woven into the video.

    Not only that, the range of shots that can be achieved in the first place using commercial drone photography is vastly superior to the shots that a light aircraft or helicopter can facilitate.

    Save Time

    Drone cameras can offer 360-degree rotation. This allows businesses to have a great deal of choice over the shots they wish to take. The same cannot be said for a video production company in Dubai that does not employ drones.

    Setting up shots, especially using elevated mast poles is a time-consuming process. This can be especially frustrating when working against failing light, or if there’s elements in the background that you desperately wish to incorporate in the video. In truth, by the time you’re ready, the opportunity could well have passed you by!

    Drone filming in Dubai requires very little set-up time at all. Able to take-off the ground in a matter of seconds and speed to where you wish to shoot, you can afford to take your time identifying and capturing those shots that will really show off your business.