How Drone Companies in the UAE are Changing the Commercial Landscape


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In July 2020, Dubai issued a new law under the directive of Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum which it says will reduce risk and help further cement the UAE’s position as a world-leader in drone activity and innovation. Innovation and Vision in the UAE  is also being highlighted for 2021.

Already a hub of drone manufacturing, smart transportation and innovation, the drone industry in the UAE is set to continue to soar as the decade unfolds. The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) will continue to oversee the new initiative which will monitor and control all drone activity in their designated airspace, implementing evolving safety measures.

Better measures will be put in place to manage the loss of drones and the DCAA, in coordination with the Dubai Police, will allow government agencies to use continue to use drones for enhanced security, surveillance, rescue and firefighting, in addition to other applications that are in the public interest.

What does this mean? Drone companies in the UAE are viewed as vital to the technological infrastructure of the city-state, and indeed the whole of the UAE.

Continue reading below to learn how drones are changing the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us in the UAE.

The Rise and Rise of eCommerce in the UAE

Anyone using the Internet can see that ecommerce has blossomed over the last decade. Amazon has proven that there is a massive global appetite for shipping online. It’s believed that the company will be worth more than a $1 trillion in just five short years and, at the end of August 2020, founder Jeff Bezos was the first person in history to have a net worth of over $200 billion.

Somewhat fuelling our unquenchable desire for online shopping is the current Covid-19 crisis. In the midst of global lockdowns and social distancing, people have become more reliant than ever on the Internet to buy essentials.

It seems that the days of bricks and mortar shopping are over. Companies have changed their business model completely, with many now operating exclusively online. What does this mean? Couriers and retail outlets have been placed under additional strain to deliver products to customers. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Drone Deliveries in the UAE

Dubai is spearheading a new attitude to delivery and couriering services. Amazon Prime Air has will potentially challenge the status quo, proving that a drone service in the UAE doesn’t have to be limited to monitoring or videography.

Given the mounting strain on couriers and that it’s unlikely that we’re going to get back to how things were prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, it seems logical for drones to become increasingly important to couriering in the months and years to come.

Amazon Prime Air may well be the future. With the promise to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less, the service will greatly appeal to consumers, not only in the UAE but, across the globe, something that’s both efficient and environmentally friendly.

The only drawback that can be envisioned is the payload weight. However, drones can already transport light packages over short distances and who’s to say that as the technology evolves in the coming years drones won’t be relied up to carry heavier and heavier payloads over greater and greater distances.

The UAE’s commitment to drone safety shows that it is planned for wholesale adoption of the technology and that they are committed to making sure that it has the right infrastructure in place. And deliveries are at the forefront of this.

Drone Companies in the UAE

Drones-as-Service in the UAE

As with any new commercial innovation, business models can be disrupted. However, drones allow for a welcomed degree of flexibility to end-users, promoting businesses to make important operational decisions.

For many drone companies, the drone-as-a-service business model is an efficient and cost-effective means of bridging the gap between commercial drone manufacturers and the business wishing to use drones to improve the commercial offering.

The benefit of using drone-as-a-service is that companies can save tremendously on the cost of adopting drone technology to streamline processes. Sectors as diverse as agriculture and construction, security or marketing can benefit greatly from using drone companies in the UAE to monitor environments safely or even capture stunning images or video for use in marketing materials.

Sky Vision offers businesses an opportunity to creating lasting impressions on their clients with immersive videos, even monitor vital agriculture and construction across all projects. After all, using drones is much safer than having someone physically inspect a location or environment, isn’t it?

Drone Training

As with any new technology, the emphasis on training and education cannot be forgotten. After all, no one can pick up a touchscreen controller for the first time, take off and a fly a drone perfectly. Pilots need to be educated.

There is great opportunity for a drone company in the UAE, and indeed around the globe, to offer a service by teaching drone pilots how to fly drones in-line with all regulations. Given the Dubai government’s increased emphasis on cultivating a drone-friendly landscape, and that there have been drone airport incursions at Dubai International Airport, and airports across the globe, commercial training services have never been more pressing or necessary.

Why is this important? Well, it’s further evidence that the drone sector will create job opportunities for people, not just in the UAE but, across the world.

Drones and the UAE Commercial Landscape

A drone company in the UAE, or indeed anywhere in the world, has the potential to completely change the commercial landscape. With technology and applications evolving all the time and our reliance on the technology likely to increase, the commercial future of drones looks bright.

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