Spotlight: Drone Safety and How NOT to Fly Drones in Dubai


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As was clear at the Dubai Air Show UAS Summit, held from Sunday 12th – Thursday 16th November 2017, drones have landed in Dubai in a big way. Known as the perfect platform for the drone enthusiast to gather and share their knowledge, discuss current market policies and debate future development, the Dubai Air Show UAS Summit hosted drone enthusiasts from across Dubai.

One of the more enduring topics that was discussed by all who attended was the issue of drone safety and how the industry can evolve whilst ensuring that Dubai’s skies stay safe. This should come as little surprise as the number of drone incursions disrupting flights at Dubai International Airport alone has cost the UAE economy millions of Dirhams.

So, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on drone safety once again by educating everyone who’s interested on how NOT to get into trouble when flying drones in Dubai.


Don’t Pilot Your Drone Over Restricted Airspace

It seems obvious, but flying your drone over restricted airspace like, such as, Dubai International Airport is prohibited. In June 2016, air traffic was grounded for more than an hour after a drone wandered into restricted airspace over Dubai International Airport.

According to major news outlets, this single incursion cost the economy close to $69 million. When speaking at the World Aviation Safety Summit last year, Michael Rudolph, the head of aviation regulation and safety at the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) stated that any drone incursion over restricted airspace costs the economy $1 million per minute. * It’s not hard to see why the Dubai government takes the matter seriously.


Don’t Allow Your Drone to Elevate Above the Dubai World Trade Centre

Anyone piloting drones in Dubai should be aware that all drone flights should be conducted within a visual line of sight. Pilots are not permitted to fly their drones above 400ft – or the height of the Dubai World Trade Centre.

In addition, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) strongly recommends that all pilots should always keep their drones within eyesight. Now, that’s not to say that pilots should only fly their drones around and around repeatedly in a circle just above their heads for hours at a time, but pilots should exercise caution and obey the safety restrictions.


Don’t Neglect to Keep Your Drone in Optimal Working Order

Just as you wouldn’t drive around in a vehicle with faulty brakes, drone pilots shouldn’t ensure that their UAV is in optimal working order. Whether you’re intent on capturing awe-inspiring drone photography in Dubai or are merely a hobbyist with a passion to take flight, chancing a drone flight with a faulty drone is ill-advised, risky and dangerous.

You’ll be liable to repay any damage cost should an accident occur, but there’s an even greater safety issue to consider. Faulty drones cannot be proficiently controlled, and in the worst-case scenario may even from the sky, plummeting to the ground at vast speed. This poses a danger to passing bystanders and pedestrians, which leads us to our last point.

Don’t Pilot Your Drone Over Residential Areas

Both federal and municipal authorities state that drones in Dubai shouldn’t be piloted over populated residential areas for privacy reasons. Taking your drone for a spin on your own property is perfectly fine, but in a city as secure as Dubai, drone trespassing is not tolerated.

Should you pilot your drone around the neighbourhood, don’t be surprised when you receive a knock at the door, with the authorities none too pleased with your skyline jaunts.


Don’t Pilot a Drone Without a Licence

In March 2017, the DCAA rubber stamped a bunch of regulations for drone pilots. Amongst the new regulations, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council announced that anyone caught piloting a drone without a licence is liable for a fine that could rise to Dhs 20,000.

So, if you’re looking to give your corporate marketing a real shot in the arm and decided that drone photography in Dubai will grab the attention of your customers, then don’t think that you can buy a drone, take a few flying lessons and take to the skies. Having a drone licence is essential. Why not make life easier for yourself and hire a Dubai drone company to fly drones and take aerial photographs of all the visual wonders Dubai has to offer?


To find out more about what how you should and shouldn’t operate drones, or see who aerial photography can elevate your brand’s awareness, call Sky Vision TODAY.





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