Cutting-Edge Drone Filming in Dubai

Sky Vision is a progressive drone company in Dubai capable of creating awe-inspiring aerial videography and photography content. With unparalleled passion and a sharp visual eye, we work with a wealth of clients and diverse business sectors to bolster their brand profile.


Fully-licensed and qualified to fly cutting-edge drones, we deliver an unrivalled standard of video and photographic content. As one of the best drone filming companies in Dubai, we are fully-versed with the very latest in evolving drone technology, which means we can deliver a production standard that's second-to-none.

We can meticulously plan and execute your drone videos and images. Whether capturing glorious images of Dubai's urban skyline or venturing into the desert to shoot an immersive landscape, we take the time to understand your objectives - delivering photographic and video content that demands attention.


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Hire Drone Pilots

We are one of the few drone operators in Dubai to be professionally licensed within DCAA, GCAA, PACA air spaces which places us at the forefront of the drone sector. Our pilots display ample flight dexterity and can capture commercial aerial photography and videos that would otherwise be impossible.

Every single drone operator in Dubai that we employ will deliver a level of skill and proficiency that previously would have been thought impossible. The drone flight finesse displayed by our drone pilots is setting a new benchmark for what is was previously thought that a drone service in Dubai was capable of accomplishing.

Drone Video Production

Using state-of-the-art drone and camera technology, we can deliver HD 4K studio-quality photographic and video content for a fraction of the cost of hiring a film production studio. As one of the foremost drone filming companies in Dubai, we deliver professional studio-standard content for a fraction of the cost.

Our drone video production skills are unrivalled. We have won more than 20 awards worldwide. Whether you’re looking for an astute and award-winning aerial video company to produce high-quality promotional content or even create a wedding video that you’ll cherish throughout your marriage, we can help you.

Aerial Mapping and Surveys

One of the primary benefits of micro drones is their flight capabilities. An aerial mapping survey becomes simple and straightforward to capture with an experienced, top pilot who’s able to navigate difficult to reach and tight environments with ease.

When equipped with 4K HD cameras and gimbals that will deftly pivot 360-degrees, aerial drone surveying can be completed to the highest standard – and with ease. Construction project images and videos can be brought to life, adding a depth of aerial cinematography that simple cannot be achieved any other way. This is what we deliver.



We're not just the best drone company in Dubai, we're also one of the most affordable - and far more cost-effective than it would be to hire a professional film crew. Whether you're intent on mapping a specific environment or considering hiring a drone photography company to create evocative brand marketing, you'll find our prices highly attractive. We operate throughout the UAE and Oman.

film director Rashad Al-Safar


  • 4K Ready
  • 2160p video
  • Fast Flight Control
  • Excellent Range
  • Excellent Low Light
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Sports Features
  • Motion Sensors
  • Semi Permit Free

film producer Dubai Dalal Al-Safar


  • 6K Cinema DNG
  • 35mm sensor
  • RAW Recording
  • Advanced Camera
  • Advanced Gimbal
  • Good Range
  • Excellent Low Light
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Permit required

Director Of Photography Gino Paolo


  • HD Ready
  • 2kg payload
  • Industrial
  • High Wind
  • Water resistant
  • Inspections Tools
  • Stereo Vision
  • 35 minutes flight time
  • Permit Required

Director Of Photography Gino Paolo


  • 6 kgs Payload
  • Ronin MX Gimbal
  • A3 Flight Controller
  • Zenmus Compatity
  • Lightbridge 2HD
  • Focus System
  • Multi Battery System
  • Up to 35 minutes
  • Permit Required


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