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Our Aerial Photography Dubai Services

Sky Vision is a progressive drone company in Dubai capable of creating awe-inspiring aerial videography and photography content. With unparalleled passion and a sharp visual eye, we work with a wealth of clients and diverse business sectors to bolster their brand profile.

Fully-licensed and qualified to fly cutting-edge drones, we deliver an unrivalled standard of video and photographic content. As one of the best drone filming companies in Dubai, we are fully-versed with the very latest in evolving drone technology, which means we can deliver a production standard that’s second-to-none.

We can meticulously plan and execute your drone videos and images. Whether capturing glorious images of Dubai’s urban skyline or venturing into the dessert to shoot an immersive landscape, we take the time to understand your objectives – delivering photographic and video content that demands attention.

Hire Drone Pilots

We are one of the few drone operators in Dubai to be professionally licensed within DCAA, GCAA, PACA air spaces which places us at the forefront of the drone sector. Our pilots display amply flight dexterity and can capture commercial aerial photography and videos that would otherwise be impossible.

Every single drone operator in Dubai that we employ will deliver a level of skill and proficiency that previously would have been thought impossible. The drone flight finesse displayed by our drone pilots is setting a new benchmark for what is was previously thought that a drone service in Dubai was capable of accomplishing.

Drone Video Production

Using state-of-the-art drone and camera technology, we can deliver HD 4K studio-quality photographic and video content for a fraction of the cost of hiring a film production studio. As one of the foremost drone filming companies in Dubai, we deliver professional studio-standard content for a fraction of the cost.

Our drone video production skills are unrivalled. We have won more than 20 awards worldwide. Whether you’re looking for an astute and award-winning aerial video company to produce high-quality promotional content or even create a wedding video that you’ll cherish throughout your marriage, we can help you.

Aerial Mapping and Surveys

One of the primary benefits of micro drones is their flight capabilities. An aerial mapping survey becomes simple and straightforward to capture with an experienced, top pilot who’s able to navigate difficult to reach and tight environments with ease.

When equipped with 4K HD cameras and gimbals that will deftly pivot 360-degrees, aerial drone surveying can be completed to the highest standard – and with ease. Construction project images and videos can be brought to life, adding a depth of aerial cinematography that simple cannot be achieved any other way. This is what we deliver.


+971 (0)4 578 6254

Drone Video Services

We’re not just the best drone company in Dubai, we’re also one of the most affordable – and far more cost-effective than it would be to hire a professional film crew. Whether you’re intent on mapping a specific environment or considering hiring a drone photography company to create evocative brand marketing, you’ll find our prices highly attractive. We operate throughout the UAE and Oman.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

  • 4K Ready
  • 2160p video
  • Fast Flight Control
  • Excellent Range
  • Excellent Low Light
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Sports Features
  • Motion Sensors
  • Semi Permit Free

DJI Inspire 2 X7

  • 6K Cinema DNG
  • 35mm sensor
  • RAW Recording
  • Advanced Camera
  • Advanced Gimbal
  • Good Range
  • Excellent Low Light
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Permit required

DJI Matrice 210

  • HD Ready
  • 2kg payload
  • Industrial
  • High Wind
  • Water resistant
  • Inspections Tools
  • Stereo Vision
  • 35 minutes flight time
  • Permit Required

DJI Matrice 600 Pro

  • 6 kgs Payload
  • Ronin MX Gimbal
  • A3 Flight Controller
  • Zenmus Compatity
  • Lightbridge 2HD
  • Focus System
  • Multi Battery System
  • Up to 35 minutes
  • Permit Required


+971 (0)4 578 6254

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The Aerial Photography Dubai Blog

As drone enthusiasts we are passionate about every aspect of flying – and the drone sector! Keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the world of drones, including trending news, new innovations and the evolution of the sector in Dubai by reading our blog.

What the Next Twelve Months Holds for Drone Companies in Dubai

August 29th, 2019|

Predicting what technology will become an integral part of our lives in the years to come is as fascinating as it is debatable. For many, 2019 is set to be the year of 5G, when next-generation mobile networks take centre stage. Then there’s AR (augmented reality.) The recent success of Pokémon Go demonstrated teen’s appetite for augmented reality games. But, can this technology move into the commercial sector? Believe it or not, commercial augmented reality is beginning to build momentum, with companies across the UAE – and throughout the globe – beginning to think seriously about ways to integrate next-generation technology with operations and training. Then there’s multi-channel online shopping. Whereas in the past, consumers were ecstatic about placing an order online and receiving their goods in a matter of days, in 2019 the same consumers are getting antsy. Delivers are expected sooner rather than later. Is this changing in opinion paving the way for a delivery drone service in Dubai – or globally? One would think so, yes. On this note, what do the next twelve months hold for the drone industry in the Middle East? Let’s dive into some of the predicted forecasts and try to decipher what the future may hold. Drones-as-a-Service (DaaS) A natural extension of RaaS (Robotics as a Service), drones as a service have appliances that can drastically improve a wealth of different industries. Visionary businesses view drone potential as seemingly endless. Much more than just vehicles for delivery, drone deployment is being viewed as vital in diverse industries. From agriculture and farming to construction and law enforcement, as the next 12 months unfold, residents in the UAE should expect drones to be more and more prominent in Dubai’s skies. The result of this will be that DaaS providers will be in increasing demand as we head into 2020 and beyond. Software manufacturers and hardware vendors are expected to take on greater responsibility for ensuring optimal performance and continuing technological progression. Moreover, drone companies Dubai will further increase the application of artificial intelligence (AI) powered technologies within their operations. Quantitative data gleaned from drone companies across the UAE has identified prominent themes that will become dominant as 2019 unfolds and we head into 2020. Drone Deployment Will Triple The result of the increase in drone application across varying sectors will see drone deployment triple in the next twelve months. The UAE government will continue to lead drone technology developments in the region and the private sector will become increasingly amenable to integrating drones into their operations. More exciting though, is the scheduled Dubai flying drone taxi. Currently scheduled for 2020, this innovation will completely revolutionize transportation in the city-state. Practical drone application is also set to soar in a wealth of sectors. The drone service in Dubai of inspection and surveying will feature ever more prominently, closely followed by aerial photography and videography. The construction sector will integrate drones at every stage of their projects, allowing companies to increase the speed and performance of [...]

Dubai drone company, best drone companies in Dubai

August 13th, 2019|

Let it never be said that Sky Vision isn’t one of the best drone companies in Dubai. Not only are we committed to providing awe-inspiring drone services to our clients, but we invest much time and effort in bringing you factual, interesting and topical information about how drones are transforming personal and professional lives across the UAE – and the globe. With Amazon’s drone delivery services just over the horizon, it appears as though we’re on the cusp of finally experiencing a technological revolution in the skies. No longer will traditional vehicular delivery services be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of customer parcels to deliver. No longer will customers have to wait days to receive their online order. Drones will make the feat achievable in a matter of hours – or even minutes! When any innovation is launched into the public consciousness a newly-founded interest in the technology elevates consumer intrigue – and understanding, of course. Tech-savvy minds lead the way, closely followed by those with a commercial interest, and complemented by everyone with a curious mind. In fact, don’t be surprised if, in a matter of months, the word around the water cooler, the street, dinner table and anywhere else, for that matter, is about this new aerial phenomenon. Such interest is likely to compel consumers to dip their hands in their pockets and buy a drone of their very own. But, where do hobbyists start? What’s the best 2019 drone for you? With an expansive range of knowledge, Sky Vision is one Dubai drone company that can help you identify the right drone for you. Interested in learning more? Here are the best four drones for beginners in 2019. Sky Vision is Dubai's leading drone video production company DJI Spark You don’t need to be a drone aficionado to have heard of the DJI Spark. Most everyone with their fingers on the pulse of technological innovation, or who knows a thing or two about drones will have come across, arguably, the best drone for beginners. Perfect for hobbyists with a set budget who are just excited about taking to the skies and piloting their very own drone, the DJI Spark is the perfect entry level drone. Equipped with its own camera and boasting a flight time of fifteen meters from a range of 2,000 meters away, the DJI Spark is a great drone to practice with, honing your take-off and landing expertise whilst learning how to control a drone in flight. Features include advance obstacle avoidance mode and an impressive gesture mode. Moreover, with DJI Spark’s automated flight functionality, pilots can concentrate on taking glorious images and video before showing them off to friends. DJI Mavic Pro You can’t have a list of the best drones without mentioning the DJI Mavic Pro. Used by some of the best drone companies in Dubai and favoured by novice pilots, the DJI Mavic Pro has carved a unique reputation for itself as being accessible to beginners whilst offer advanced [...]

Three UAE Instagram Photographers Taking the Art Form to New Heights

July 20th, 2019|

Shutterbugs with a keen photographic eye are using the contrasting UAE landscape to capture truly remarkable images – and thanks to the digital age we live in, anyone around the world can experience what Dubai has to offer. You only need to browse social media to discover how people in the UAE view and experience life. Generic images are still plentiful on the platform, but occasionally you’ll come across a profile that packs a true photographic wallop. Browse the leading image sharing site, Instagram, and you’ll soon discover profiles dedicated to seeking out and capturing truly spectacular UAE vistas. The more you browse Instagram profiles, the more you’ll discover the difference between those images that pique interest and those that hold interest. Whilst it’s true that several UAE-based Instagram accounts have uploaded Dubai aerial photography that’s worthy of a second look, very few truly capture the essence of the city-state in all its splendour. Interested in learning which Instagram accounts are taking photography to new heights? Check out the following users and be inspired by their creative vision. Username: @pixelville Followers: 108K With an impressive Instagram following, Jumana Jolie is one of the more popular Instagram photographers. Climbing to heights that would make mere mortals’ shudder and capturing images at angles that need nerves of steel, Jumana Jolie gives her followers a glimpse of the UAE that they’ve seldom – if ever seen before. Her dizzying array of Dubai aerial photography shots are even more impressive when you consider that Jamana freely admits that there is a level of fear when capturing bespoke images from high altitudes. However, with a background as a photojournalist, having worked for Reuters for seven years, controlling her trepidation and fear is just another aspect of the job for Jumana. The Lebanese Palestinian has ventured across the of the Middle East throughout her career. It is this experience taught Jumana that versatility is paramount. Moreover, Jumana believes that the secret to capturing spectacular images is determined by practice. With a meticulous ethos and an eye that clearly distinguishes between what you see and what the camera can capture, she is able to offer a perspective that few Instagrammers are able to match. Photographer: Debbie Fortes Username: @debbiefortes Followers: 53K Debbie consistently demonstrates an acute understanding of photographic composition and solid knowledge of Dubai’s skyline. Venturing to the unglamorous parts of Dubai, Debbie creates a distinctive identity to Dubai – one that is lesser-known on a global stage. The antithesis of what a drone company in Dubai would typically capture, Debbie’s street-level images offer a different perspective of the city-state, one that forces those places that one crosses many times, but seldom pays attention to. Old Dubai and Dubai Creek are given centre stage and appear exquisite, thanks to her talent. Architecture, urban landscapes and minimalism influence her style. Interesting lines, shadows, and structures are featured prominently in her portfolio. Textures and three-dimensional objects are also a big feature of her work, as is how residents [...]

Simple Tips the Best Drone Companies in Dubai Know that Will Enhance Your Drone Photography

July 20th, 2019|

In past blogs, we’ve written about the best cameras to mount on your drone, the best drones for aerial photography, how drone pilots can capture the best aerial shots at night, even top tips of how drone pilots can compose the best aerial shots when soaring above Dubai – or anywhere in the world. However, what we’ve never blogged about are the more generic, even simple tips that any drone pilot should know to capture that breath-taking sandscape or urban landscape. Now, before we start divulging what some may perceive as tricks of the trade, it’s important to remember one fact. The best drone companies in Dubai – like Sky Vision – offer unparalleled flying experience and expertise, combined with a knowledge of aerial photographic composition that is hard to match. What does this mean? Anyone intent on using drones to map an elevated area or create inspiring marketing material to grab customer attention should only consider hiring the professionals. If, however, you’re someone who is merely thinking of buying a drone and want to learn more about how you can evolve your skills, and hopefully capture an inspirational image or two yourself, keep reading – you’ll surely read something vital to your learning process. Keep Calm and Be Safe So, having unboxed your drone for the first time, most pilots can’t wait to take to the skies. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being exuberant, but you want to be safe. After all, fly your drone into a no-fly area and it may be confiscated. Plummet to the ground and you may find yourself disheartened, surveying the wreckage of your pride and joy. To fly drones safely, you’ll need to educate yourself beforehand. Aerial photography companies have undergone a wealth of training, know the legalities of drone flying like the back of their hand and have sound educational understanding of how to control their drone, sourced from experience, comprehensive training and passion. They haven’t taken a course or two, read the manual or merely Googled, ‘how to fly a drone.’ Drone companies must also have the requisite professional licence. This depth of education means that they know how to fly as safely and will remain calm if a flight’s circumstances changes in an instant. Drone companies know where to fly and where not to fly and have sound command of the camera. Additionally, something not to be discounted, is that seasoned drone companies understand how to operate the drone and the camera simultaneously and proficiently. This takes skill and a whole lot of practice. Our tip? Concentrate on flying and manoeuvring the drone over short distances before thinking of taking to the skies with a camera equipped. Be Mindful of What’s Around You There are many attributes that contribute towards taking that stellar photograph. Subject matter is one. Angle is another. Composition is a third. We could go on all day, but in the interest of this article, let’s just say that it takes a good eye, piloting capabilities and [...]

New Drone Service in Dubai: Drone Rental Services Launch at Dubai Cricket Stadium

July 11th, 2019|

The cricket world cup is now over. As England players bask in their quite remarkable victory, drinking in the immortality that victory has brought them, impassioned fans sing choruses of celebration hitting the boundaries of joyous exuberance, we can soak it all in and look forward to what drama may unfold in the next four years. Whether you’re a lifelong cricket fan or an armchair viewer, there’s no denying that this world cup had everything. Controversy, tension, drama and one of the most stunning conclusions to a final that’s ever been witnessed. Indeed, the world cup is sure to encourage many youngsters to visit their local cricket club for their first taste of the sport. However, youth interest and the drama of the final aside, there’s one story that has flown under the radar over the last few weeks. One that outlines how a drone service in Dubai and the sport have become intertwined. That is that unlicensed drone pilots will soon be able to use specialist arrive-and-fly facilities at Dubai Cricket Stadium. This move is the result of an agreement struck between Dubai Sports City and drone solutions provider, Airscope. The move, which will be overseen by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) aims to limit the risk of costly airport closures by designating a space environment for drone hobbyists whilst providing Dubai Cricket Stadium with an alternative source of revenue. Why Launch Drone Rental Services? It’s been no secret the airports around the world have been the subject of drone incursion over the last few years. Many governments have taken legislative steps to keep airspace restricted to drones for the safety of airline passengers and pilots and Dubai is no exception. Following the closures of several runways at Dubai International Airport – at a cost of Dh3.67 million or $1 million a minute, with the most recent being on February 15th when the airport was closed for almost half an hour, the DCAA has demanded that all pilots must obtain a licence and be acutely aware of where they can and can’t fly using the DCAA app. Any pilot caught in a restricted area could face jail time or fines of up to Dh100,000, whether using a camera for drone shooting Dubai or merely practicing their aerial maneuverers. Creating a safe, enclosed environment for novice pilots to learn how to pilot their drones, whilst educating pilots of their responsibilities is further evidence of Dubai’s commitment to safe drone piloting, and how the city-state soars above other countries and territories with an innovative approach to drone education, training and piloting. Facility and Long-Term Vision Under the proposed plan, which awaits DCAA guideline and approval, unlicensed drone pilots will be able to arrive, rent and fly drones within the stadium’s limits in much the same way that people can come to the nearby karting track at Dubai Aerodrome and have some fun karting. The facility will also house retail outlets on site. Here visitors can buy a new drone, equipment [...]

The FAA Announces Changes for Recreational Done Operators

June 27th, 2019|

In a move that could have larger implications for the global drone community, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has implemented changes for recreational drone flyers, as mandated by congress in the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. Whether these changes will affect how aviation authorities in the GCC region – or anywhere else around the globe – act remains to be seen. However, is it unreasonable to assume that authorities won’t follow-suit and consider their current legislation around drones? Currently, the USA is the only country to have launched fundamental changes affecting amateur pilots however, depending on a variety of considerations and in an effort to make airspace safer, novice drone pilots of limited experience will only be permitted to fly at set altitudes and be subject to stringent restrictions. Are you an amateur pilot with a passion for Dubai aerial photography? Perhaps the thrill of controlling a drone is enough to propel you to take flight at every given opportunity? If this sounds like you, it may be worth reading on to discover the changes that the USA has enforced – you never know, it might not be too long before the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority makes legislative changes that affect you. What the FAA Reorganization Act Says According to the FAA, although non-commercial drone operators may continue to fly below 400 feet in uncontrolled airspace without specific certification or operating authority from the FAA, new legislation means that they are now required to obtain prior authorization from the FAA before flying in controlled airspace and around airports. Given the spate of drone incursion into restricted airspace in the USA, Dubai, and around the world, this new legislation hardly comes as a surprise. Designed to protect the safety of restricted airspace or airspace with a high volume of air traffic, it seems only logical that legislation is passed to prevent accidents. What This Means for Drone Pilots In short, drone pilots should be increasingly mindful of where they can and cannot fly. Professional drone shooting services in Dubai, like Sky Vision, fully understand airspace restrictions and the importance of adhering to all legislation, however amateur drone pilots may not possess such intimate knowledge of their legal obligations. The FAA has now categorically stated that all drone pilots must comply with all airspace restrictions and prohibitions when flying in controlled and uncontrolled airspace. Prior to taking flight and heading into controlled airspace, drone pilots must obtain airspace authorization. Prior to this, drone pilots in the US were only required to notify an air traffic controller when they were within five miles of an airport. In the GCC, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) forbid drones from flying near, around and over airports. In addition, to protect citizens privacy, federal and municipal authorities do not permit drones to fly over residential areas to protect people’s privacy. As any astute and experienced business that provides drone shooting services in Dubai, like Sky Vision, knows understanding where pilots can fly is essential to responsible [...]