What the Next Twelve Months Holds for Drone Companies in Dubai

    Predicting what technology will become an integral part of our lives in the years to come is as fascinating as it is debatable. For many, 2023 is set to be the year of 5G, when next-generation mobile networks take centre stage.

    Drone use in Dubai and the UAE in 2023

    Then there’s AR (augmented reality.) The recent success of Pokémon Go demonstrated teen’s appetite for augmented reality games. But, can this technology move into the commercial sector?

    Believe it or not, commercial augmented reality is beginning to build momentum, with companies across the UAE – and throughout the globe – beginning to think seriously about ways to integrate next-generation technology with operations and training.

    Then there’s multi-channel online shopping. Whereas in the past, consumers were ecstatic about placing an order online and receiving their goods in a matter of days, in 2023 the same consumers are getting antsy. Delivers are expected sooner rather than later. Is this changing in opinion paving the way for a delivery drone service in Dubai – or globally? One would think so, yes.

    On this note, what do the next twelve months hold for the drone industry in the Middle East? Let’s dive into some of the predicted forecasts and try to decipher what the future may hold.

    Drones-as-a-Service (DaaS)

    A natural extension of RaaS (Robotics as a Service), drones as a service have appliances that can drastically improve a wealth of different industries. Visionary businesses view drone potential as seemingly endless.

    Much more than just vehicles for delivery, drone deployment is being viewed as vital in diverse industries. From agriculture and farming to construction and law enforcement, as the next 12 months unfold, residents in the UAE should expect drones to be more and more prominent in Dubai’s skies.

    The result of this will be that DaaS providers will be in increasing demand as we head into 2020 and beyond. Software manufacturers and hardware vendors are expected to take on greater responsibility for ensuring optimal performance and continuing technological progression.

    Moreover, drone companies Dubai will further increase the application of artificial intelligence (AI) powered technologies within their operations. Quantitative data gleaned from drone companies across the UAE has identified prominent themes that will become dominant as 2023 unfolds and we head into 2020.

    Drone Deployment Will Triple

    The result of the increase in drone application across varying sectors will see drone deployment triple in the next twelve months. The UAE government will continue to lead drone technology developments in the region and the private sector will become increasingly amenable to integrating drones into their operations.

    More exciting though, is the scheduled Dubai flying drone taxi. Currently scheduled for 2020, this innovation will completely revolutionize transportation in the city-state.

    Practical drone application is also set to soar in a wealth of sectors. The drone service in Dubai of inspection and surveying will feature ever more prominently, closely followed by aerial photography and videography. The construction sector will integrate drones at every stage of their projects, allowing companies to increase the speed and performance of their operations.

    Artificial Intelligence

    In 2018, DJI and Microsoft formed a global strategic partnership to bring advanced AI and machine learning technologies to DJI drones. This was, arguably, the clearest indication yet that global technology giants believe that investing in the development of drones to be paramount to our continued evolution into a fully autonomous, technology-driven world.

    As AI and robotics gain traction, offering critical insight and application within the next generation of innovation, technology behemoth, Microsoft, is firmly behind drone technology and has joined forces with DJI to nurture the brightest local engineers and roboticists of tomorrow via the provision of learning platforms and access to cutting edge technologies.

    Christina Zhang, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy & Communications at DJI said of the partnership, ‘We are delighted to partner with Microsoft on this meaningful project. This is an opportunity to explore applications that could be used in the real world.’ It seems evident that the resources Microsoft has will help propel DJI into the next generation of drone development – something that a wealth of sectors across the UAE stand to benefit from.

    Indeed, the integration of AI is helping drones to perform tasks more efficiently than was thought possible just a few short years ago. Drone companies in Dubai, like Sky Vision, are increasingly employing high-resolution imagery to capture landscapes in crystal-clear clarity. The abundance of information captured can be correlated with maintenance, land development, defect localization and surveillance – to name but a handful of applications.

    Automating the analysis of aerial imagery using AI allows drone software to speed up analysis of an environment – even allowing for the real-time prediction of localized changes. This is especially useful in monitoring individuals in large open public spaces or reviewing traffic to mitigate potential risks and keep everyone safe.

    Traditional CCTV streamed images have a delay between event occurrence and recording, and monitoring requires physical monitoring. This can cause issues, especially for static CCTV cameras with only a single vantage point. It seems logical that deploying a remote drone, complete with AI and collision avoidance systems offers a far superior way of monitoring environments – something that’s destined to be increasingly prevalent as we move throughout 2023.

    The drone service in Dubai afforded both the public and private sectors serves to reinforce the necessity of drone technology. Citizens of Dubai cast your eyes to the sky this year, you’re sure to encounter drones with increasing frequency.

    Looking for a drone filming company in Dubai? If so try Sky Vision for the best aerial photography and videography in the region.


    The Best Drones for Aerial Mapping in Dubai

    Make no mistake, drones have become essential technology for aerial surveying. The scope of images and videos that they routinely deliver is breath-taking – and this can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial surveying.

    Today, aerial survey companies have a wealth of choice when deciding which drone is best suited to their aerial mapping purposes. Year on year precision engineering and hardware innovation bolsters and hones even the most precise nuances of design and operational functionality, leaving commercial drone customers a head scratching amount of choice.

    So rather than analyse which is the best overall drone; one that will deliver accurately map an area, deliver parcels, film HD panoramic aerial video in jaw-dropping detail or inspect building constructions a hundred floors above ground level, let’s take a single purpose, aerial mapping, and review the best drones in 2021.

    Top Drones for Aerial Mapping in Dubai 2021

    DJI Matrice 300 RTK

    When it comes to drones, DJI stands tall as the brand with a reputation to be envied. Each model consistently delivers on its promises, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

    Featuring innovative obstacle avoidance and aerial awareness tools, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK is one of the safest drones for aerial mapping in Dubai. Included with the drone is RTK GPS capability, in addition to Airsense ADS-B tech and several smart tools which guarantee sublime accuracy and safety, making the DJI Matrice 300 RTK perfect for aerial mapping.

    Moreover, the new Ocusync Enterprise gives this drone a range of up to 15km, or almost 10 miles – more than enough for you to survey landscapes remotely with ease! Better still, the DJI Matrice RTK provides triple channel 1080p video transmission, has 23 x zoom, a 12 MP wide angle camera and a laser range finder with the new Zenmuse H20 payload. Now, that’s what we’re talking about!

    DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

    If you’re looking for a more affordable drone with the capabilities of delivering pinpoint accurate Dubai aerial mapping, then the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise could be just the drone you’re looking for.

    Though it may use the same platform as the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise adds mounting points for accessories. Adding a spotlight, beacon, speaker, or smart controller is easy, allowing aerial survey companies to customise the drone to their precise needs.

    The ‘scalability’ of the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise has already attracted many aerial surveyors to buy the drone. And with a basic price of $1999 compared to the $6,500 of the DJI Matrice 300 RTK it’s not hard to see why!

    Yuneec H520

    Although it’s hailed as a commercial drone for many applications, where the Yuneec H20 really excels is aerial mapping. Designed for professional use, this six-rotor drone offers three cameras that can be swapped for optimal aerial mapping in Dubai.

    The Yuneec H520 is great for surveying. Why? Well, we can list numerous reasons, but how about this, you can download location maps and store them on the controller itself. You don’t need to worry about having an Internet signal!

    aerial mapping Dubai

    So, let’s say that you’re surveying a location for the first time, isn’t it so much easier to familiarise yourself with the landscape ahead of time? With the Yuneec H20 all you need to do is to the plan menu and select survey mode. A grid of white lines (the flight paths) and a green overlay will then appear across the area you’re surveying. Choosing how you’ll navigate the area is as easy as A, B, C!
    Better still, you can adjust your flight path whilst surveying the area by sliding white dots on the overlay and hey presto! New flight paths. Once you’ve plotted your flight paths, they can be programmed into the Yuneec H520 so if you choose to return to take another survey, replicating the previous paths you took is a cinch. Not bad for $2,500!

    Parrot Anafi

    One of the best entries in the consumer drone market, the Parrot Anafi is lauded as being superb for aerial mapping in Dubai. And, it costs just $699!

    With an articulating gimbal, the 21 MP 4K camera can capture images vertically, pointing straight down and focusing on a specific area. This function alone makes it easy for aerial survey companies to capture image angles that some other drones would struggle to.

    Anything else? Of course, the Parrot Anafi has several attributes that makes it great for surveying. But rather than list each attribute individually, let us just mention one that’s sure to pique consumer’s interest: artificial intelligence. The Parrott Anafi can automate flight modes, making repeated aerial mapping much simpler.

    Finally, the Parrot Anafi has an ultra-compact foldable design. Why does benefit aerial mapping? Well, what if you want to survey an area of Dubai that requires some travel? Isn’t folding your drone into a small package much easier than lugging heavy, awkward designs around?

    The Best Drone for Dubai Aerial Mapping

    So, which is the best drone for aerial mapping? It’s really a question of personal preference, what your budget is and the areas you intend to survey. Many consumers are attracted to DJI for their reputation, but an equal number of consumers want a drone that meets their needs and aren’t overly bothered by the prestige of a brand name.

    Then there’s the accessories. Obstacle avoidance and aerial awareness 4K cameras, programmable functions and, of course, price must all be considered before deciding the best aerial survey drone.

    Bottom line? Consumers have choice, which is great! Take some time to figure out exactly what you want from your drone and you’ll likely find the right one for whatever type of aerial mapping you need.

    And the Best Company for Aerial Mapping in Dubai? Probably us, Sky Vision.

    Who Is the Best Drone Company in the UAE?

    When you want to invest your time or money in any endeavour, you’ll want the best. Whether that’s the best use of available resources, like how much time is available to you, or how much you want to spend or can afford, getting the best is all about nailing down what it is you want and making the right decisions.

    So, what do you want? A new car? Financial planner? Architect? Gym membership? What about a cooking class to learn how to cook authentic Al Harees, Ghuzi or Matchbous or diving school so you can get certified and explore the shores of the Arabian Gulf?

    The best may not automatically guarantee success, but it sure will bolster your chances of achieving results that exceed even the loftiest expectations! Identifying those UAE drone companies who provide the services you need – and have the reputation and track record to back up all the claims they make – is paramount.

    So, who is the best drone company in the UAE?

    The Best Drone Company in Dubai for Aerial Photography and Videography – Sky Vision

    If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, browsed our website or, hopefully, seen any of our videos, you’ll know that Sky Vision has built a reputation as the best aerial photographer and videographer in Dubai. Don’t believe us? Check out our gallery.

    A bold claim, we know. But consider this. How do you judge how good a business is? Well, the simplest way to do this is to check out what customers have said. We’re proud to have a lauded reputation – not just in Dubai, but across the whole of the UK.

    Anything else? Well, there is the list of clients. Sky Vision has worked with such global brands as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Total, BBC, Emirates and Judeirah to name but a few.

    Sky Vision has a lauded reputation as one UAE drone company who will deliver the best aerial photography and videography services. Our experience is unrivalled – and with unrivalled experience comes expertise. Put it this way, the more you do something, the better you get at it. So, if you have a commitment to evolving like Sky Vision does, surely you can’t be anything but the best, right?

    Capturing drone photography and videography is as much about creativity as it is about technical acumen. It’s not just about the skill in which you capture an image or video but what you capture, and how that fits into overall brand awareness. This is something that Sky Vision is always thinking about: not just capturing images and videos, but how to capture the best images and videos.

    best aerial filming company Dubai
    Sky Vision is the best aerial filming company Dubai

    The Best Drone Company to Buy a Drone in Dubai – DJI Official Online Store

    Knowing where to buy a drone is important, after all not every retailer has a stellar reputation. Sure, most are reputable, reliable, and trustworthy but that can’t be true of every single retailer depending on their reviews, of course!

    So, do you choose Amazon? eBay? How about AliExpress or Newegg? Well, it’s up to you. But, if you want our advice, we’d recommend that you buy a drone direct from what is universally accepted as the world’s best drone company, DJI.

    Not only can you choose from several models to suit your budget and purpose, but they even give you the chance to become a member and enjoy exclusive offers and savings – as much as 50% off certain services and an educational discount of 10%!

    You can also shop for refurbished drones at lower prices. This is a great way to pick up a drone or gimbal at a lower price. You also get comprehensive tech support and the chance to watch tutorial videos that cover all related queries and help you understand your drone better. Oh, and did we mention that DJI has its own app for effortless product browsing and a thorough after-sales service… so much more than a warranty, right?

    The Best Drone Company for Training Drone Pilots – The AUS Drone Academy

    The AUS Drone Academy is hands down, the best school to teach novice pilots how to take to the skies. Offering certified training courses on flying drones, students can undertake three training modules depending on how they want to use the drone.

    We’d hedge our bets that some drone filming companies in Dubai have pilots who have completed AUS Drone Academy certificates. The certification provided by the AUS Drone Academy is endorsed by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) which allows trainees to obtain flying permits to hone their skills.

    Anyone interested in flying drones as a hobby or wants to become a drone pilot should aim to earn a certificate from the AUS Drone Academy. Why? The program teaches students how to operate drones in a safe manner – and in accordance with UAE’s national laws and local regulations within certain areas of the UAE.
    So, if you’re serious about learning to fly a drone properly and legally, getting the AUS Drone Academy certificate is the only route to take.

    The Best Hardware Manufacturer: Adcom Systems

    So far, we’ve focused on commercial and to a lesser extent personal drone application. However, no blog about the best UAE drone company would be complete without looking at manufacturers and military application.

    Battlefield drones have soared in prominence over the last decade. Why? Military pilots face significant risk when flying over combat zones. Any ability to prevent loss of life must be used. Additionally, drone technology has evolved exponentially over the last decade which has resulted in governments choosing to use it in real life situations.

    Indeed, an entire industry has evolved around drone military adoption. Adcom manufacturers weapons grade drones and military hardware and has emerged as one of the forerunners of military grade drones and their hardware in the UAE. The primary drones have been designed to fly for hours, at high altitude, carrying up to 10 missiles.

    Such is the reputation of Adcom, the Algerian Ministry of Defence has revealed that is has procured and operated at least four drones, making Adcom a truly international drone hardware manufacturer. But they could do with copywriting help for SEO and conversions as their website could be better.

    So, there you have it. A list of the best UAE drone companies. What’s clear is that drones have created an entire industry, not just in the UAE but around the world. According to Goldman Sachs, in 2020, the global drone market is worth $100 billion.

    If there ever was an indication that the vast application of drones by the consumer, commercial, industrial, and military complexes is here to stay, this statistic is it! Keep your eyes on the skies, and don’t be surprised if drones become as commonplace as cars are on our roads before too long!

    Four More Essential Tips When Travelling Across Dubai With Your Drone

    From seasoned travellers to Instagram personalities who make their living sharing their lives with their loyal followers, capturing truly original image can prove elusive– unless, of course, you have a drone, dexterity, expertise and creative vision.

    As any erudite drone video production service in Dubai, like Sky Vision will tell you, the city-state is a rich in contrasting visual aesthetics. Ultra-chic urban landscapes are complemented by sublime desert dunes which extend as far as the eye can see. Dubai offers much for drones to capture.

    Photographers and videographers willing to traverse the city-state will likely discover images that don’t just pique but hold the attention of even the most cynical and jaded of viewers. Bespoke images that tell far more than a thousand words can be discovered, if you’re prepared to do your homework.

    We’ve previously written a blog outlining our top tips for anyone navigating Dubai with their drone in tow, though we believe the topic deserves further coverage. Interested in learning more pertinent information about travelling across one of the most contrasting places on earth and capturing aerial photography in Dubai? Keep reading below.

    Location Scouting

    Whether you’re lugging around expansive drone cases or have a portable drone that fits nicely into a backpack, you don’t want to carry it around for longer than necessary. Location scouting is integral to a successful shoot. After all, pilots, including those employed by a drone service in Dubai, hardly want to arrive, and then promptly pack-up and depart for lack of aerial photographic opportunities.

    There is a way to negate this problem. Use Google Maps. Seasoned drone pilots routinely rely on Google Maps to view satellite images of prospective locations. Examining urban or desert landscapes with the ability to rotate the image around its axis and zoom on individual quadrants is a great way to gauge location potential.

    Additionally, scouting a location is a great way to see if locations are drone friendly. Identifying a spot to launch from and land on will save you much time and trouble. Though it’s not always clear ahead of time, thorough research could save you from turning up and then promptly leaving should it be unsuitable, or illegal to fly drones.

    Drone Portability

    If you’re looking to buy a new drone or are someone who’s lucky enough to be able to afford multiple drones for capturing aerial photography in Dubai, transporting the right drone to your scouted location is paramount. How much luggage are you already bringing? What is the easiest drone to travel with? How much space do you have?

    Thankfully, as drone technology evolves, so too does portability. Equipped with HD-cameras, the consumer market is dominated with portable drones that offer superior flying capabilities and are ideal for aerial photography in Dubai. The Mavic Pro is, arguably, the benchmark by which all portable drones are measured, however the Mavic Air is equally capable of capturing sublime 4K videos and images.

    Weighing less than two pounds, both the Mavic Pro and Air can be easily transported and then carried to a location. The drone controller is equally lightweight, diminutive, and easy to carry. Whether you’ve got a hike on your hands to get to a scouted location or not, you’ll find that a portable drone will provide you very little hassle.

    An Arline’s Watt Hour Limit

    Travelling into Dubai with your drone? If so, there’s something to remember, namely the airline’s watt-hour limit. The number of batteries that you take onto a plane isn’t as significant as their watt-hours (Wh).

    According to Emirate Airlines, all lithium batteries must have a watt-hour rating exceeding 100 watt-hours, with a lithium content that doesn’t exceed two grams to be safely transported into and from Dubai. A maximum of two spare batteries can be transported in carry-on baggage only. All batteries must be individually protected to protect short circuit.

    In a more general sense, for safety reasons drones cannot be checked-in as hand luggage and must be checked-in upon departure. Should you be travelling with a drone, you’ll be asked to secure the lithium batteries within the drone or remove them and place them securely in your hand-luggage.

    This regulation applies for passengers connecting to flights from another airline that accepts drones as cabin baggage. If you’re unsure of the regulations when transporting drones to and from Dubai, it’s always wise to check specific airline guidelines.

    Don’t Forget Extra Batteries

    When skyward, even the most advanced drones currently available on the market have a battery life that shouldn’t be forgotten. Neglecting to fully-charge batteries can drastically inhibit the potential for any individual or professional drone service in Dubai to capture intended images and videos.

    The DJI Mavic Pro can roughly remain airborne for around 27 minutes per battery when fully-charged. When the battery has been drained, it takes around an hour to charge. Even if you have a portable charger, environmental conditions can change as the batteries are charging. This can result in you having to abandon the shoot. Extra batteries are essential to avoid losing flight time.

    When travelling with your drone, it’s a wise decision to pack a battery invertor. This allows you to charge drone batteries inside your vehicle. Perfect to keeping your drones fully-charged, a battery invertor is one piece of equipment that you shouldn’t be without when travelling with drones and so glad that you have should you find your drone’s batteries drained.

    So, there you have it, some more simple tips for traveling with drones. Thinking of heading out with your done for a spot of aerial photography? Make sure that you’ve got all the bases covered beforehand and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free shoot.

    Best Drone Video Editing Software in 2020

    Want to Know the Best Drone Video Editing Software in 2020? Check Out This List

    There’s a huge difference between the ability of professional drone filming in Dubai, the UAE, or anywhere in the world – and that of an amateur enthusiast. Professional drone companies in Dubai (like Sky Vision) have the experience, acumen, creativity, and vision to produce stellar aerial videos that strike a chord with viewers of all types.

    Amateurs, even amateurs who have honed their skills over months or even years may just be considered the top of the podium in their local flying circle, but producing a marketing video, for instance, that soars above all others may be a stretch too far.

    However, shooting a video is just one aspect of drone video production. The footage compiled then needs to be edited together to create that all-important immersive experience. So, whether you’re looking to hone your video production skills or have aerial footage of the Dubai skyline that only the expertise of the best software will do justice to, here’s a list of the best drone video editing software that amateurs and professionals alike should be using.

    Windows Movie Maker 6.0 and Windows Live Movie Maker

    Windows Movie Maker 6.0 and Windows Live Movie Maker are standalone utility software applications that can be installed on your desktop. Supported by Windows 7, 8, and 9, and Windows Vista, Movie Maker 6.0 and Live Movie Maker is the ideal software to edit video footage, add effects, customize transitions and add customised text and captures for all HD footage.

    Moreover, users can add filters to change the aesthetic of the footage and easily share your videos on social media platforms, like YouTube, Vimeo (considered to be ideal for drone videos) or even Flicker and SkyDrive.

    Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t come with Windows Movie Maker 6.0 or Windows Live Movie Maker. However, don’t worry. You can easily download either tool for free and using the software is simple and straightforward.

    GoPro Fusion Studio (Windows and Mac)

    If you’re an avid advocate of GoPro, then you might want to use GoPro Fusion Studio. Lauded for its advanced editing capabilities and ability to add effects, this tool is packed with all the tools that you need to take footage and transform it into professional-quality videos.

    Now, it may take a bit of acumen to get the hand of the software (not unlike all the video editing software on our list) but, once you do, rest assured that you’ll be able to create videos that will have viewers in awe.

    Some of the key features of GoPro Fusion Studio include the ability to easily stitch high-resolution spherical footage, adjust the colour settings to create more contrast or a more vivid impact, customize the audio with 360 surround sound or advanced noise reduction, even sync footage with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Whether you’ve footage from your drone service in Dubai, or any land or cityscape in the world, GoPro Fusion Studio is ideal video editing software to manipulate footage and create something unique.

    iMovie (Mac)

    Being one of the easiest tools to use, iMovie is a great place to start if you want to experiment with your drone footage. Free to use and built into every Mac, iMovie offers the kind of functionality that will compel novice drone movie makers to take hold of their mouse and let their creativity soar.

    Intuitive and featuring simple instructions, it’s quick and easy to understand the capabilities of video editing. Apple’s website also has instructions to help you along your way and a quick search of YouTube and you’ll discover tutorials.

    You can edit in 4K without compromising the quality of the footage and better still, you edit your videos on the go using an iPhone or iPad. The software is also available for purchase for anyone that doesn’t own a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

    Lightworks (Windows, Mac and Linux)

    Another potent tool for drone video editing (though one that falls a little more into the professional standard category than the other software on this list) is Lightworks. Able to be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux, Lightworks is, arguably, one of the most flexible software solutions making it a reasonably popular option for video production.

    If you’re somewhat unsure of whether Lightworks is a better option than, say, Windows Movie Maker, consider this: the software has been used to edit some of the most revered and popular contemporary movies, including Pulp Fiction and Mission Impossible.

    The coolest attribute to the software – and one that’s likely to appeal to drone hobbyists – is that you can download the software for free, explore its capabilities and then sign-up if you feel that the video editing software offers just what you’re looking for.

    WeVideo (Online)

    A collaborative, web-based platform, WeVideo is a great option for anyone with a passion for making short films or digital marketing agencies that offer video services to clients. What’s great about WeVideo is that the shared approach can really help novice enthusiasts to develop their video production skills, whether they live in Dubai, the UAE, the USA, Europe – or anywhere else around the globe.

    Users can integrate their Google accounts with the online platform, meaning that diminishing hard drive space is s thing of the past! With an intuitive interface and the ability to save all footage securely and seamlessly on Google Drive, WeVideo is a great platform for business owners.

    The platform has five separate price plans to choose from. The individual and business price plans start from as little as $5-$8 a month and there are scalable options that allow users to choose the right price plan for their personal usage.

    These are five of the best video editing platforms available today. Each has its own unique value and diverse range of applications. Choosing the best one for you is dependent on your personal feature preference, budget and editing skill. However, one thing that isn’t in doubt is that if you need to get hold of proficient video editing software or platforms, you certainly have a range of choice!

    The Best Camera Drones to Capture Aerial Photography in Dubai in 2020

    The rise in drone piloting of the last few years has born some of the most enterprising uses for this new, continually evolving technology. Quad or multi-copters are favoured by hobbyists and professional drone companies alike for the unique perspective they offer of the world.

    Pairing engineering ingenuity with technological acumen, drones today feature an onboard processor which serves to keep the drone’s level at a constant speed – and this is merely one feat of this ever-evolving technology.

    Drone collision sensors are becoming increasingly prevalent in newer models. Designed to avoid an accident and placate governing bodies who are understandably keen to negate the possibility of drones prompting danger in the skies, expect sensor detection technology to evolve throughout 2019 and into the future.

    Arguably, one of the most notable ways drones have caught our imagination is the breath-taking aerial photography in Dubai – and indeed all over the world – that they can create. This, however, would not be possible without cameras that set the standard in HD aerial imagery.

    What are the best camera drones for capturing Dubai aerial photography in 2020?

    We’ve compiled a list of the drones that ardent aerial photographers need to invest in this year. There are lots of new drones being released often, so be sure to lookk out for even newer models for your Dubai aerial photography.

    DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

    In 2016, the DJI Mavic was a game-changer for the drone market, making it possible to fold and carry a fair quality lens without adding too much to the weight or volume when carrying the drone. Such was the success of the drone, it’s even be argued that drone enthusiasts haven’t sought to upgrade – something that DJI sought to rectify with enhanced software features.

    One of the more prominent software features on subsequent iterations is Hyper lapse. This is an aerial time-lapse which takes drone motion into account – something that is processed in seconds. The Zoom model also features a dolly zoom effect which alters visual perception, allowing foreground imagery to inflate in size and overwhelm the background. Think the iconic scene in Jaws when Chief Brody spies the shark from a deck chair on the beach and you’ll get the idea.

    The airframe is surprisingly sturdy for a foldable drone however it still features powerful motors and speed control systems, capped with surprisingly quiet propellers. These attributes make the drone just as capable in high winds than heavier drones. Not only that, and what makes the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom great for capturing aerial photography in Dubai, is its responsive controls which can be softened for cinematic shooting. The omnidirectional sensors also make the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom very difficult to crash, something that provides assurance to novice and experienced pilots alike.

    DJI Spark

    Generally thought of as the drone that offers the best value for money, the DJI Spark is renowned as one of the leading ‘selfie’ drones and lauded for its hand gesture control features.

    In addition, the DJI Spark features a reassuringly rugged design and design the only foldable element being the propellers, it’s surprisingly lightweight, nimble and easy to transport. HD Dubai aerial photography and videography can be achieved as the drone can be equipped with 1080p cameras. Whether you’re considering a professional shoot or looking to take some shots or video of Dubai’s sumptuous desert and share them with friends, the DJI Spark still sets the benchmark in drone cameras.

    However, the gesture recognition is really where the DJI Spark shines. The drone can be launched and controlled from the palm of your hand. You can also capture predefined selfies or shots of the surrounding landscape using hand gestures.

    This may to some seem like an entry-level done, and therefore one that’s not wholly capable of helping pilots capture aerial photography in Dubai that’s worthy of an exhibition, but trust us, the DJI Spark is worth the investment.

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

    The earlier versions of the DJI Phantom caused a stirring in the drone community, with many learned pilots singing its praises to the high heavens – mainly thanks to it being the first drone to feature a gimbal-stabilised camera, rather than relying on the pilot to supply their own. Today it’s fixed design may not be favoured by drone enthusiasts, deeming it difficult to transport and store, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is still a marvel in terms of drone functionality.

    Drone pilots who are about to embark on a road trip to get to a shooting location, and don’t mind packing the drone into a specially designed carry-all, would do a lot worse than choosing the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 for all their Dubai aerial photography. Not necessarily, the obvious choice of drone for novices who prefer the practicality of a folding done, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is still highly sought-after by experienced pilots.

    Nevertheless, the latest update on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro makes purchase very tempting. The drone features redesigned props for a quieter flight – something that drone videographers will surely appreciate. However, the star of the show is the new OcySync radio system which makes 1080p video possible!

    Ryze Tello

    The Ryze Tello proves that size isn’t everything when it comes to the best drones for aerial photography in Dubai. This micro drone markets itself on the back of being ‘powered by DJI.’ Moreover, this small drone has an array of software features and positioning sensors, making it easy to handle and navigate.

    One of the most competitively priced drones on the market today, the Ryze Tello does not feature an in-built GPS and the battery is charged inside the drone via a USB. However, the drone is piloted using your phone (though Ryze are happy to provide a controller to customers upon request.)

    Despite its cost and functionality, the Ryze Tello does benefit from a stabilised camera that is capable of capturing 720p video and crystal-clear images. Perfect for anyone looking for a camera-ready drone on a budget, this drone has proven to be popular with novices and hobbyists alike.

    So, there you have it – our picks for the best camera drones to capture sublime aerial photography in Dubai in 2020. The only question that you need to ask yourself is which is best for your purposes? If you aren’t sure then let the experts at Sky Vision film your aerial photography or videography project.

    Aerial and video photography services in Dubai and UAE

    With drones becoming increasingly prevalent in Dubai’s skies, more and more skilled flying professionals and drone hobbyists are becoming enthused at what the future may hold for drone services in the UAE.

    What has become clear is that drones represent a force for social good – enhancing our lives by making the previously inaccessible, accessible.

    What does this look like? As it turns out, there’s more than a handful of ways that drones can elevate existing services. Once you begin to think about it, the possibilities are not far from being endless. 

    Dubai aerial and video photography services

    We’re all aware of how drone companies in Dubai can add a bespoke element to brand marketing campaigns, attracting existing and prospective clients with visuals that are as immersive as they are attention-grabbing, but leading reports have concluded that drones can be used to across different sectors propelling social awareness, whilst improving on existing services.


    Medical Assistance

    When faced with a medical emergency, timing is crucial. In the most serious of circumstances, it can be the difference between life and death. However, what if you need to quickly survey a vast geographical area?

    Enter drones. Aerial photography can quickly access if a patient is in critical condition and carve out a route for emergency services to reach patients quickly. Should injured parties be unaware of their surroundings, medical professionals, or those fully-trained in drone aerial photography or videography can survey the area and form an action plan for reaching and delivering the necessary medical help.

    That’s not the only aspect of the medical profession that can benefit from drone technology. There’s also another aspect of medical processes that drones can drastically improve


    Medical Delivery

    What if you need to get vital equipment and supplies to an area which cannot be reached with conventional transportation?

    Enter drones. With the ability to carry light payloads of up to a few kilos for notable distances, drones can be a lifesaver for medical delivery. Let’s say that you have a medical emergency. You have a diabetes patient who desperately needs insulin and you cannot reach them? Medical professionals can equip drones with insulin, an EpiPen and additional medical supplies to successfully administer insulin in a sanitary manner.

    In addition, medical professionals can use drones to transport medical supplies between facilities with ease. From blood cultures to specialised smaller equipment, drones can offer so much more to the medical profession than merely being used for aerial photography across the seven Emirs.

    Sky Vision aerial videography at The Sustainable City in Dubai:

    Fire Response

    As with medical emergencies, what if fire services are unable to reach or view the severity of an outbreak of fire?

    Enter drones. Research has also concluded that drones in the UAE have the potential to positively affect fire response times and procedure activities of departments across the Emirates. Using aerial photography and videography, drones can deliver HD pictures to support emergency call handlers and fire commanders on the ground. This can allow them to arrive on the scene faster, allowing them to contain the spread of fire quicker.

    A more efficient and safe response plan can also be devised negating potentially perilous situations before they arise and securing the safety of any victims and trained fire response professionals.


    Scientific and Animal Research

    Animal conservation and scientific professionals consistently strive to gather data that allows them to better understand the world and all the animals that dwell within it. Sadly, their observations can often be obscured.

    Enter drones. In 2017, researchers at Oregon State University’s Marine Mammal Institute captured rare aerial footage of blue whale’s lunge-feeding on the krill.  Drone aerial photography allowed researchers to gain a new perspective on the action.

    This allowed them to identify which patches of the krill whales deem to be viable based on the amount of energy they need to exert and the degree of nutrition.

    Not only that, ecologists have also used drones to monitor and track critically endangered birds, count sea lions and even help the dwindling population of the southern right whale to recover after consistent whaling all but eradicated these majestic mammals.

    Drones will have many positive effects on society in Dubai and the rest of the UAE

    Drones Can Help Reduce Air Pollution

    The UAE isn’t the only territory around the globe to use drone video services and more innovative services, to improve the lives of residents. China – a country infamous for its smog levels and suffocating air pollution decided to take drastic measures to secure the health of the population in some cities.

    Enter drones. Created by the Aviation Industry Corp of China, drones equipped with a gliding parachute and equipped with a chemical catalyst designed to cut through the smog and create artificial wind currents, reducing air pollution.

    Such was the success of the experiment, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection launched a series of drones to detect illegal night-time factory emissions, monitor waste dump sites and areas of natural beauty to make sure that the population was observing China’s strict sanitation laws to great success.

    It should come as no surprise that global reports have highlighted the importance of drone development focusing on benefiting society. Does this mean that we’re about to see drone video services in Dubai deployed for increasingly social-conscious reasons? Only time will tell, but one fact is assured: drones can greatly benefit society in the UAE