Why Dubai Corporate Video Production Needs Drones


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If a picture tells a thousand words, surely a video should tell ten thousand words – at least. Successful corporate video production must feature engaging visuals that say exactly what’s needed about a business of service, combined with a soundtrack the complements the video, without overpowering it.

As one of the leading corporate video production companies in Dubai, Sky Vision knows how to create videos that draw viewers in, immersing them in a video experience, then selling the business to a target demographic with ease.

This is our strength. But how do we achieve this? What makes our videos so engrossing? We use advanced drone technology, and our pilots have the expertise to create a video that tells more than a thousand words leaving an audience in little doubt that they’ve just watched something that oozes sophistication and, most importantly, value.

Corporate video production must utilise drone technology. It’s that simple. Our video production company in Dubai has honed expertise flying drones across the Dubai desert and cosmopolitan skyline to create breath-taking videos and pictures.

Why your business needs to employ Sky Vision’s video production company in Dubai:

Freedom of Flying Locations

Perhaps the most notable reason why your business needs to opt for drone filming in Dubai is that, unlike helicopters and light aircraft, the size and manoeuvrability of drones makes it easy to take video and photographs in those hard to reach places.

Low-level flying is renowned for helping videographers and photographer capture jaw-dropping, inspirational videos and photographs. This is something that you just cannot achieve in a light aircraft. Any ‘No-Fly’ zones are in the interest of public safety and are greater reduced in comparison to light aircrafts.

Not only that, a drone video production company in Dubai will cost considerably less than hiring a helicopter or light aircraft to capture those videos and images you’re intent on. Fuel is expensive – and the primary consideration when pilots calculate a quotation to take you to the skies. You can save thousands of Dirhams when choosing commercial drone photography as opposed to hiring the services of a pilot and his aircraft.

Shot Diversity and Flexibility

Getting the right height and angle for your shoot or image does take practice. A pilot skilled in commercial drone photography and videography will be able to fly a drone, equipped with a 4K camera, to the exact spot you need to capture that glorious video or image.

Corporate video production companies in Dubai, like Sky Vision, are highly skilled, with an eye for meaningful shots and the skills to get them. Pilots also have the expertise to return the drone to a previous location and re-shoot elements of the video seamlessly.

By adjusting the elevated pole masts, using flexible camera positioning, whilst watching the FPV (first person view) display, it’s easy to re-capture the magic the second time. Helicopters and light aircraft make it exceedingly difficult to complete re-shoots that can be easily woven into the video.

Not only that, the range of shots that can be achieved in the first place using commercial drone photography is vastly superior to the shots that a light aircraft or helicopter can facilitate.

Save Time

Drone cameras can offer 360-degree rotation. This allows businesses to have a great deal of choice over the shots they wish to take. The same cannot be said for a video production company in Dubai that does not employ drones.

Setting up shots, especially using elevated mast poles is a time-consuming process. This can be especially frustrating when working against failing light, or if there’s elements in the background that you desperately wish to incorporate in the video. In truth, by the time you’re ready, the opportunity could well have passed you by!

Drone filming in Dubai requires very little set-up time at all. Able to take-off the ground in a matter of seconds and speed to where you wish to shoot, you can afford to take your time identifying and capturing those shots that will really show off your business.



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