Five Sectors that Drones Will Revolutionise in the Future


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Without a shadow of a doubt, drones have revolutionised a wealth of sectors in Dubai. This is a trend that’s unlikely to change in the coming years. You only need to look at forecasted economic markets to discover this.

In 2017 alone, the drone market was predicted to swell to a value of $1.5 billion dollars by 2022. Since 2018 saw no evidence of a deceleration in the demand for the technology, with a new Dubai drone company being formed seemingly all the time, it seems that what was once considered to be an optimistic forecast may prove to be right on the money as the next three years unfold.

What has been highlighted is that the swelling drone market represents notable opportunities for the GCC oil and gas and utility sectors, with the presence of drone deployment in these sectors expected to grow by 43% and 32% respectively. But what are the other sectors likely to be calling on companies like Sky Vision who can provide effectual drone services in Dubai to customers?

Well, some sectors have already seen drones revolutionise business practices, whereas others are tentatively taking to the skies. But what cannot be argued is that each of these five sectors is likely to witness mass drone technology integration in the coming years, leading to the not overly ambitious forecast that the drone market will be worth $1.5 billion by 2022.


With companies like Amazon already experimenting with drone deliveries, it should come as little surprise to anyone in the know that e-commerce companies across Dubai – and throughout the world will follow suit – if they haven’t already done so!

Employing delivery drone services in Dubai not only reduces delivery lead times as they do not need to adhere to traditional transportation routes, but suppliers can accurately gauge how long it takes a drone to transport goods. The quicker the delivery lead time is, the more satisfied customers are likely to be too!

Moreover, there’s no denying that drones will lead to further automation, allowing companies to cut costs – and drones are much more environmentally friendly, an attribute that is likely to be at the forefront of company’s business models in the years to come.

Supply Chain Operations

It should also be noted that drones have the potential to not only drastically improve the last phase of supply chain operations. They can also revolutionise other phases of commercial logistics.

As any learned Dubai drone company, such as Sky Vision, will be quick to point out, drones can prove to be very effective in terms of business inventory management by using RFID or barcodes or even gaining on inventory overview and scanning for defects.

In addition to this, according to drone industry aficionados, it won’t be too long before drones are employed in Dubai – and across the whole of the world – in place of factory forklift trucks and robots to move items around an environment. Though this is somewhat commonplace already in some business, expect the practice to grow in 2019 and in the coming years – with the large-scale inspection, extraction, and relocation of materials using drones a distinct possibility.

Agriculture and Farming

There are few sectors destined to benefit more from drone technology than the agriculture and farming sector. With the days of farmers not overtly embracing technology resigned to the past, drones are deployed in the sector for one, primary reason.

The detailed, HD images that drones can capture allow farmers to get a clear idea of how their crops are performing. Especially useful for farmers with generous hectares of land, drones can be piloted across great distances quickly, allowing farmers to check how well their crops have performed at any time in the season.

In addition to this, drone services in Dubai can help to find irrigation patterns, pest problems, and soil variation. With construction of the world’s largest vertical farm at a cost of $40 million commencing in Dubai last November, you can be that drones will be employed to monitor the growth of crops inside the 130,000 square foot installation.


One sector that you might be surprised is predicted to see an influx in drone services in Dubai in the coming year and beyond is the entertainment sector. Drones offer a cost-effective way to shoot panoramic views of eye-catching environments. Companies do not need to invest a fortune to hire a helicopter or small plane to get aerial shorts. All they’ll need is a drone and a good pilot!

The next time you watch a TV program of movie ask yourself if that shot was achieved by a drone. You may be surprised to learn just how often drones are used. Not only that, drones offer filmmakers the opportunity to achieve elevated camera angles (2-90 meters off the ground) that until the dawn of drone technology were thought to be nigh on impossible to achieve without highest specialist camera cranes.

Construction and Real Estate

Now, the construction sector seems to the one sector that’s mentioned all too often to benefit from drone technology. This is not without good reason. Industry experts expect the construction sector to be profoundly affected by drone technology.

From employing a Dubai drone company to take images of specific areas of a construction project to the transportation of lightweight materials, drones are expected to continue to revolutionise the construction sector across Dubai, the GCC region, and beyond. Forecasters have speculated for a while that drone deployment is the natural progression of the sector after the large-scale mechanisation of decades ago.

Drones will be primarily deployed to conduct surveys on construction sites. The opportunity of gathering far more data than ever before, allowing businesses to better prepare for, and track the progress of projects, deploying resources where applicable and saving costs whilst minimising the potential for any issues to arise and enhancing safety continues to be highly attractive to companies who continue to be responsible for erecting Dubai’s scintillating urban landscape.

These are just five examples of sectors that are likely to see drones continue to revolutionise in 2019 and the coming years. It’s going to be exciting to sit back and see how drone technology will continue to positively change all our lives as this year unfolds and we head into the next decade.



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