Simple Tips the Best Drone Companies in Dubai Know that Will Enhance Your Drone Photography

    Simple Tips the Best Drone Companies in Dubai Know that Will Enhance Your Drone Photography

    In past blogs, we’ve written about the best cameras to mount on your drone, the best drones for aerial photography, how drone pilots can capture the best aerial shots at night, even top tips of how drone pilots can compose the best aerial shots when soaring above Dubai – or anywhere in the world.

    However, what we’ve never blogged about are the more generic, even simple tips that any drone pilot should know to capture that breath-taking sandscape or urban landscape. Now, before we start divulging what some may perceive as tricks of the trade, it’s important to remember one fact. The best drone companies in Dubai – like Sky Vision – offer unparalleled flying experience and expertise, combined with a knowledge of aerial photographic composition that is hard to match.

    What does this mean? Anyone intent on using drones to map an elevated area or create inspiring marketing material to grab customer attention should only consider hiring the professionals. If, however, you’re someone who is merely thinking of buying a drone and want to learn more about how you can evolve your skills, and hopefully capture an inspirational image or two yourself, keep reading – you’ll surely read something vital to your learning process.

    Simple Tips the Best Drone Companies in Dubai Know that Will Enhance Your Drone Photography

    Keep Calm and Be Safe

    So, having unboxed your drone for the first time, most pilots can’t wait to take to the skies. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being exuberant, but you want to be safe. After all, fly your drone into a no-fly area and it may be confiscated. Plummet to the ground and you may find yourself disheartened, surveying the wreckage of your pride and joy.

    To fly drones safely, you’ll need to educate yourself beforehand. Aerial photography companies have undergone a wealth of training, know the legalities of drone flying like the back of their hand and have sound educational understanding of how to control their drone, sourced from experience, comprehensive training and passion. They haven’t taken a course or two, read the manual or merely Googled, ‘how to fly a drone.’

    Drone companies must also have the requisite professional licence. This depth of education means that they know how to fly as safely and will remain calm if a flight’s circumstances changes in an instant. Drone companies know where to fly and where not to fly and have sound command of the camera.

    Additionally, something not to be discounted, is that seasoned drone companies understand how to operate the drone and the camera simultaneously and proficiently. This takes skill and a whole lot of practice. Our tip? Concentrate on flying and manoeuvring the drone over short distances before thinking of taking to the skies with a camera equipped.

    Be Mindful of What’s Around You

    There are many attributes that contribute towards taking that stellar photograph. Subject matter is one. Angle is another. Composition is a third. We could go on all day, but in the interest of this article, let’s just say that it takes a good eye, piloting capabilities and processing acumen to take that photograph that conveys are you want it to – and, hopefully, much, much more.

    Choosing your location is paramount. Fortunately, Dubai is rich in some of the most visually arresting landscapes anywhere in the world. The best drone companies in Dubai can use the spectacular scenery of the city scape to create an image or video that, not only contextualizes your intention, ensuring that it’s an accurate representation of the purpose of the shot or video, but will be mindful of what’s all around you and the legalities of this.

    You won’t find drone companies flying into Dubai International or scaling the heights of the Burj Khalifa. This is simply not permitted. More pertinently, drone companies understand how to control their drones to avoid any collisions.

    Now, we’re not saying that every hobbyist is destined for a collision, but the extensive training and knowledge of the skies most, if not every single one, of the drone aerial photography companies in Dubai have negate any potential issues. Bottom line? If you’re unsure of your flying ability, hire a drone company or invest more time honing your skills.

    Don’t Compromise on Composition

    As different as drone cameras are to SLR digital cameras, they have the same basic function – to capture moments in time. They can suffer from the same technical issues and, when in the hands of an experienced photographer, image quality can be compromised.

    You don’t want to spend a wealth of time flying to that perfect location only to rush to take your photograph, losing those little details, selecting the wrong aperture or missing the focal point of the image altogether.

    Practice good composition. Carefully examine individual aspects of your photographs for subtle, distinct, characteristic aspects. Add interesting leading lines to pull the viewer into your image. Look for contrasting shapes, colours, texture and visual elements to add extra dimension to your photography.

    Aerial photography companies know how to do this. You might not be able to do it as well, but constantly thinking about your photography is a great way to get better the more you practice.

    Share Your Art

    Don’t make the mistake of flying your drone across some of the most immersive and rousing landscapes in the world, snapping photographic images or videos and then leaving them on your memory card for your eyes only.

    Share your images! Get to know other aerial drone photographers and gather some feedback. Their insight may well be invaluable to your continued development. Why not start an Instagram account and upload your pictures? You could share them on Twitter and Facebook and see what comments you get.

    Feeling particularly proud of a picture? Why not blow it up, print it out and hang it in your home or office? Each time you see it, you’ll be reminded of your artistic prowess and be encouraged to take to the skies again! Or, if you really want to capture an exquisitely picturesque image, you could show the photo you took and ask one of the best drone companies in Dubai to take the same picture to hang on your walls.

    So, there you go. A handful of simple tips that the best aerial drone companies know – all of which will help you evolve your art. Interested in using Sky Vision’s commercial drone photography services? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.