Video Editing Tips for Drone Photography by Drone Experts Sky Vision

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    Sky Vision invests a great deal of time to make sure that all the drone video we capture is crisp and cinematic. The final footage that we deliver to clients is the results of painstaking time and effort, experience, acumen and dedication.

    As one of, if not the, most notable drone video production company Dubai, we can elevate your corporate video to the next level through learned video editing skills. In some cases, this involves cutting and compiling fragments of footage and adding music at just the right tempo to immerse viewers and create not a video but an experience that firmly cements your brand in the minds of viewers. This is what will get your brand noticed.

    So, whether you’re an advanced level video editor, someone who is a whizz with Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro or are merely curious about how drone Dubai footage is transformed into elegant and persuasive corporate content, here’s a quick look at four of the video editing techniques that can help to elevate your corporate video to the next level.

    drone video editing company dubai

    Colour Gradient

    The most time-consuming technique on our list is also the most impactful. Of course, this is colour grading. Not only does colour grading enhance the footage, but it also creates an enticing experience for the viewer’s eyes – one that draws their attention and holds it.

    Colour grading is a great way to enhance the mood of any footage taken and create a completely new and unique ambiance. This is something that will attract viewers. Layers of colour gradients can be added throughout the footage, increasing or reducing in intensity to mirror the mood the video captured has created. Think of the contrast in neon colours of Dubai’s skyline. Using colour grading a video production company Dubai can clearly highlight the contrast, making the footage really pop!

    Dolly Zoom (for that vertigo effect)

    One mesmerising effect that might look to be exceedingly difficult to create upon viewing footage taken by a drone Dubai is the dolly zoom or vertigo effect whereby the footage pans down to give the viewer the impression that they’re looking down over the vast Dubai landscape.

    First introduced by the great Alfred Hitchcock, the dolly zoom has since been employed by a wealth of filmmakers. Look closely and you’ll notice this technique in some of your favourite films, including The Avengers and Lord of the Rings.

    The illusion is achieved by reversing the flight direction of your drone so that it is moving away from your target landscape and then applying the zoom in transformational effect. To avoid any loss in quality, it’s highly recommended that pilots shoot video in 4K resolution and then exporting all footage in H.265/HEVC as this maintains optimal quality.

    Motion Blur

    Most drone Dubai enthusiasts will have heard of this one, primarily because motion blur is one of the most recognised and used techniques of drone pilots. But why would you intentionally blur your drone footage?
    Now, we’ll admit that motion blur is only effective for specific types of filming. After all, what good is blurring out all scenic Dubai landscapes! However, limited use of motion blur can make videos seem more cinematic and natural and its absence can create a strobing effect.

    When flying at high speed across desert landscapes, for example, the footage you capture may lack the natural blur and look distracting. By editing in a subtle amount of motion blur you can achieve an effect that viewers eyes expect – therefore creating a more immersive overall experience.

    Split Screen

    Often applied in post-production, split screen is an effective way of showing the same footage from different angles. This is a great technique to showing a before and after effect.

    The easiest way of achieving this is to mount two cameras next to one another. You can even create a mosaic finish, compiled of multiple clips, splitting the screen into two, three of four separate aspects.

    It’s always a good idea to shoot footage simultaneously, taking off and landing in the same place. This allows you to easily compare the footage. If you’re feeling a mite more ambitious, you can easily instruct a video production company Dubai to take the same flight path at different times of day, for example, Midday and Midnight, compile and compare the footage to get a feeling of what Dubai feels like at these times.

    So, there you have it. These are just four examples of the different techniques that you can use to maximise the visual footage captured by a drone. When it comes to video editing, it’s all about how creative you want to be. But remember this, the more creative you get, the more likely you are to create awe-inspiring content that will command attention.