The World’s Your Oyster… Where to Capture those Sweet Drone Photography Shots

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    Dubai’s skyline makes it the perfect place for urban drone photography. And that’s just the skyline. Venture outside the heart of the city-state and you’ll be able to bask in some of the most iconic and hypnotic landscapes the world has to offer.

    Whether you’re a seasoned drone photographer or enthusiastic hobbyist, seeking out places of outstanding natural or man-made beauty is part of the fun of capturing that one single image that will captivate anyone who cast’s their eyes on it.

    So, once you’ve fully explored the city-state and taken drone photography of Dubai which encapsulates what living in Dubai truly feels like, where else do you go?

    Well, if you’ve got a passport, the financial resources and love of photography, here are five alternative locations that you need to visit – with your drone.


    The Swiss Alps

    As contrasting as the Swiss Alps are from Dubai, it cannot be argued that, in terms of natural beauty, Dubai is certainly on a par with any aerial photography in Dubai. Experienced drone photographers flock to and have praised the Swiss Alps for its picture-perfect white powdery snow and exquisite treeline, punctuated with twisting roads.

    Sitting almost 6,000 feet above sea level, the Windy Mountain Pass is simply breath-taking when viewed from above, and stretches all the way to Chiavenna, Italy. Formed from receding glaciers, the historic pass dates to Roman times and stands as a monument from a bygone era, making if perfect for drone photography.


    New South Wales, Australia

    Anyone that’s ever visited or is lucky enough to call New South Wales home, will testify to it being one of the world’s most iconic areas of outstanding natural beauty. Not only is New South Wales a terrific place to capture jaw-dropping ocean photography, but when captured from height every shot becomes amplified.

    Flying your drone above an ocean break may seem risky to some drone pilots, but if you have the confidence and experience, expect to snap images that are comparable to any drone photography of Dubai shores.

    The ocean pool at Mona Vale Beach is one of the most frequented places drone photographers visit. Expect pictures of crashing waves, a sandbar and ocean life all in one spot. Hues of greens, blues and purple mesh with white and golden sand to form picture-postcard images – just remember that a HD camera is essential!


    Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

    Venture offshore to the beach of Tan-awan in Oslop, Cebu in the Philippines and you’ll be able to capture images seldom caught anywhere in the world – those of the ocean’s mightiest inhabitants, whale sharks.

    Shark watching is a major tourist attraction in the Philippines, and a pastime of many of the locals of Cebu. A chartered ocean excursion presents a great opportunity for drone photographers to capture images that rival those of marine aerial photography in Dubai.

    Local fisherman feed the sharks which sees them migrate closer to the shore. The brave among drone photographers can interact with the sharks – and with the warm climate, these charters run all year round.


    The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    Located just an hour outside the capital of Iceland, Reyjavik, the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa nestled in the centre of a lava field. Rich in minerals like silica and sulfur, this hot lagoon can reach temperatures as warm as 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The lagoon itself operates on geothermal powder derived from the nearby geothermal station. The lagoon’s unique properties, combined with the icy blue water and rigid and dark texture of the dried lava make the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa a place that stands along with the wondrous drone photography of Dubai opportunities as a place where aerial photographers cannot afford not to visit.


    Guangzhou, China

    As the third most populous city in China, Guangzhou is an urban mecca which features some of the most creative and inspiring architecture in the world. It’s no surprise that the city has featured prominently on the must-visit places of tourists and drone photographers alike.

    With its ambitious plans to become a global technology powerhouse and one of the most energy-efficient cities in the world, Guangzhou’s ethos is not dissimilar from Dubai’s. Not only that but, the city is features miles and miles of clean highways and interesting architecture make it the perfect place for urban drone photographers to take top-down shots that exude the character of a global city.

    These are just some of the places that a confident pilot, skilled in aerial photography in Dubai should stamp next on his or her passport. Book your flight today and pack up your drone – you won’t be disappointed!