Drone Photography in Dubai: A Novice’s Guide – Four Top Tips to Getting the Best Aerial Shots

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    Drones are exciting. Whether you have years of experience, taking charge of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or have recently discovered the wonder of flying, the warm feeling that emanates from the bottom of your stomach to your fingertips as you watch your drone dancing majestically in the sky is something all pilots feel.

    However, to enjoy that feeling for years to come, you need to invest in drone maintenance, and when required, drone repair. Keeping Dubai drones in optimal working order will guarantee year upon year of enjoyment when you decide to soar around Dubai’s skyline.

    So, for anyone unsure just how to keep their drone in perfect working order for years to come or have found themselves asking what are the signs that show that a trip to a drone repair specialist is in order, or what are the most common types of drone repairs, fear not, here’s the information that you need to know.


    Always Perform Routine Inspections Before and After Each Flight

    It’s important that you perform routine inspections your drone before taking off – and after landing. This simple act could save you much time and money in the long run, highlighting and resolving any issues before they escalate- and even saving a malfunctioning drone from plummeting to earth mid-flight.

    Pay attention to the hull and propellers. You’re looking for cracks to the hull or other signs of disrepair. Any obvious signs of damage to the propellers is obviously something to take note of. Either of these two occurrences hardly spell doom for your drone flying career, but they will affect performance and if left unattended to and can even cause your drone to fall from the sky.

    Anyone with designs on using drones to take a corporate video on Dubai should always make sure that the camera is securely mounted. This way disaster is much less likely to strike with your HD camera falling from the skies, never to be used again. While you at that, also check the sensors. Dust, dirt may affect their responsiveness, resulting in you losing control of your drone – leaving it to careen helplessly to the ground.


    Keep It Sparkling Clean

    Even during a short flying excursion Dubai drones can get dusty and dirty. One of the main culprits of this is sand – especially if you’re taking flight across the Arabian desert. Experienced pilots understand that landing in small patches of grass or on tarmac when possible, is advisable.

    After each flight, always take a damp rag or cloth and wipe over the surfaces of your drone. This will cause dust and dirt to cascade down, stopping it from reaching the intricate mechanism in vast quantities and affecting your drone’s performance.

    We also recommend using a microfibre cloth to clean Dubai drones. You can buy one from any reputable hardware store. The microfibres will pick up much more sand, dust and dirt than a traditional cloth, leaving your drone as close to pristine as possible.

    If you’re planning to use your drone to take a corporate video on Dubai, it’s paramount that you don’t neglect top clean the camera or sensor. As any experienced photographer knows, dirt and dust are the enemy of the camera.

    Today, many drones come equipped with protective seals and filters and even self-cleaning sensors, however for those that don’t have self-cleaning sensors, simply take a few drops of lens cleaning solution and gently dab the lens with a cleaning cloth. You can also use a lens tissue just to be on the safe side and make sure you don’t accidentally scratch the surface.


    Make Sure the Firmware is Updated

    The last top tip to keeping Dubai drones in optimal working condition for years to come is to make sure that the firmware is up to date. Firmware updates are run throughout the lifespan of drone ownership and it’s important not to neglect these.

    All firmware updates add features that support safe flight and operation, detecting and resolving any ongoing issues and ensuring that your drone is highly responsive and easy to control.

    Updating the firmware is especially important if you’re using your drone to take corporate video on Dubai. Why? Well, not only does it make sure that you don’t encounter any flight problems when in the air but, also ensures that the video recording is in optimal condition, allowing you to take breath-taking videography’s of Dubai safely.

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